Who Is A Winner?

Who is a winner?

I take long walks in the evening with my daughter. We talk. A lot.

Looking back over the years, I wish we had recorded (or taken notes on) what we discuss, because these conversations are often insightful and instructive.

Yesterday, we were talking about what makes someone a ‘winner’.

Having a dream, making a plan to achieve it, and taking action on the plan may lead to it coming true. But does that make YOU a winner?

“You can’t possibly call someone who achieves this a ‘loser’!” my daughter exclaimed… until I gave her a scenario.

What if someone trains hard for a competition, dreaming about winning it – and then he does, which makes him delighted… but he also knows that if he had lost, he would have been DEVASTATED?

Is it wrong to call such a person a ‘loser’?

We explored this from various angles, but this is the crux. It is what defines a ‘winner’.

If you can dream, plan and act – and then accept whatever result you receive with aplomb, grace and gratefulness, then you’re a winner… regardless of what the ‘result’ is.

And to the contrary, if your achieving the ‘result’ means everything to you, and not getting what you want will leave you angry, frustrated or unhappy… why, then, you’re NOT a ‘winner’ – even when you win!


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