When YOUR Name’s On It…

Your Name Is On It


It Reflects YOU – Not What You Were Paid For It!

I recently outsourced some Web content on a low-priced freelance site. On our evening walk, I was discussing the ridiculous quality of some submissions with my daughter.

She said, “For the low rate you offer, how can they afford to do good work?!”

I replied.

“When your name is on it, it must be the best work you can do.”

“But that’s not cost-effective for the writer.”

Maybe not. That’s a choice you have when you take on any task. If it doesn’t compensate you adequately, you may choose not to do the job.

But once you decide to do it, you should give it your best. Always.

Anachronistic advise, perhaps, in a setting where most strive to do “just enough” to get by. Yet I’ve followed it over the years, and it has enriched my life in many different ways.

When giving your best becomes a habit, all kinds of magical things start happening?—?such as being paid a high rate for doing things, or having people ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ over its quality.

Consider the flip side.

What if we were all to work only to the extent we’re paid to.

Doctors, especially those in public/government service, would leave most treatments half-done, poorly done?—?or undone.

Teachers don’t even think about salaries and value-per-hour when they fire up the minds and imaginations of their little charges.

Politicians, if only paid in proportion to the results or impact they create, would mostly end up paupers by the end of their terms.

Nobody whose name you remember, cherish or respect ever did work that reflected pecuniary compensation alone.

They did it because it reflected THEM.

You, too, should consider this…

When it goes out in YOUR name, it reflects YOU. Not what you were paid for it.

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