What You Can’t Have…


“Mom, can I have Bournvita (a malt drink) from tomorrow, please?”

My wife was a little shocked by her request.

For years, the refrain at breakfast had been, “But why can’t I have coffee?”

Our response – “Coz you’re not old enough!” – was countered by impassioned arguments, some quite creative, that tried to make the case that she really was.

Fast forward to now. When she’s offered coffee, the little one no longer wants it.

She prefers Bournvita – the same drink she had dismissed with scorn for years!

What’s going on here?

A simple case of “being human”.

You see it play out everywhere. Across all ages. And over years.

In everything.

  • College courses and careers.
  • Jobs and friendships.
  • Entertainment, travel or recreation.
  • Partner or spouse.
  • And anything else.

When you can’t have it, you want it – badly.

When you can have it, though, you don’t want itat any price!

P.S. – If you don’t even know what you want, then read my book.

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