What Happened To… ?


It’s the eternal question.

Billions of parents have asked it across history.

“Where Did The Years Go?”

As our little one prepares for college, that’s what my wife and I ask each other.

What Happened To…

  • The tiny infant who’d cuddle over your shoulder, or rock to sleep in your lap.
  • The toddler who’d demand to get out of her pram – only to then plead to be picked up and carried, because “baby can’t walk”.
  • The kindergarten kid who’d run up to you to “help tie my shoelaces, please”.
  • The trusting little child who’d slip her hand into yours for safety while crossing the road.

How – and when – did that helpless, demanding, vulnerable little thing morph into a self-assured, confident, independent young woman?

I can’t point to a moment or event that made it happen. It was a process. With ups and downs, troubles and tribulations, stress and heartbreak.

But what came out of the melting pot is pure gold.

And I’m proud of being one of the alchemists behind the transformation we call…

“Growing Up!”

P.S. – If you’re all grown up already, then read my book. (Oh, it’s ok to read it while you’re growing up, too!)

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