5 Tips For Time Management That Deliver Results

Simple & Easy Time Management Training That Helps You Find 3 Extra Hours In Your Busy Day

Armed with these 5 tips for time management you will easily squeeze an additional 3 hours of productivity from your typical work day, and also enjoy the calm, relaxing satisfaction that comes from achieving balance between all important elements of your life.

How often have you got a few tips for time management and tried to put them to use in your daily life – only to find them so difficult and confusing that you gave up in frustration?

Paradoxically, some time management systems take too much time!

That’s why Time Management Tao embraces simplicity. And natural flow. It adapts to what you are inclined to do anyway, taking advantage of your conventional approach to work and play, but inserting some minor tweaks and twists that radically improve your effectiveness.

Tips For Time Management That Actually Work

Here are 5 tips for time management which can create a remarkable impact.

Tip #1 – Prioritize Your Objectives

Every project or goal that you begin should be classified by its priority.

It may seem difficult to rank all the items on your to-do list by relative importance, but here’s a simple method. Take the first item on your list, and compare it against the second.

Is it more important? Or less?

Keep the ‘winner’, and then compare it against the next item on the list – going all the way to the end of your list.

This exercise will help you order items on your list by importance, with the highest priority being on top. Now you can assign enough time to finish the important tasks before beginning less important ones.

But it isn’t enough to just set priorities.

You also need the discipline to stick with your list, and must plan your resources and expenditure to match your goals. The biggest benefit from making your priority list is to focus your mind exclusively on things that will carry you towards your ultimate goals.

Tip #2 – Balance Your Time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

We’ve all heard this time management quote (or similar ones) ever since we were kids. But we don’t take it to heart. (If we did, we’d be out of the office on time every day, right?)

Work is important. But so are other areas of your life, like

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Relaxation
  • Family

All of these matter. It’s why we use the analogy of precious Ming vases to explain effective time management principles to our students. Imagine yourself juggling 5 Ming vases, none of which you can afford to drop. Ming Vase Time Management teaches tips for time management that help achieve this balance easily.

Tip #3 – Clearly Visualize Your Outcome

Once you’ve put these tips for time management into action and set goals, prioritized your actions, and figured out how to balance them so that none of the important elements of your life are ignored or overlooked, you are well on the path to success.

Next, clearly visualize your arrival at the destination.

  • What do you expect to achieve from each action you plan to take?
  • Why do those results matter to you?
  • How will you feel when the outcome you desire becomes real?
  • Who will benefit, profit or rejoice when you make it happen?

Take time every day to see these results in your mind’s eye.

Imagine yourself as having already achieved your biggest goals, and experience the thrill of accomplishment. And then, feel a sincere, deep-seated gratitude for having received these results which you have visualized.

In a subtle, sub-liminal way, this creates a positive energy that will bear you along the long path to making your dreams come true.

Tip #4 – Measure Your Results

Of all the tips for time management, this is the one often overlooked or treated lightly.

Many of us begin with ambitious plans and goals, deciding to change our lifestyle and work towards a target with determination and focus. But, like New Year resolutions, this well-intentioned action runs out of steam within a few days, weeks, or months.

And that’s because we don’t measure progress towards our goals.

If your goal is to finish writing a book over the next 3 months, and you plan for it to be 250 pages long, then you should be averaging at least 3 pages every day. That’s easy to measure and quantify. When you fall behind, you’ll know early on – and have a chance to take corrective action.

But when you don’t keep constantly evaluating your activities and make changes, you’ll wander way off-track… and then waste a lot of time and energy trying to find your way back.

Tip #5 – Be Flexible. Tweak, Adapt and Repeat

Unless you’re a rare genius (or very, very lucky), you won’t get it right the first time. It’s likely that you’ll make mistakes, learn from them, and modify your approach to effective time management as you go along.

Nothing is cast in stone. Everything is a learning experience. The biggest mistake is to refuse to fine tune.

When you review your performance and progress periodically, you might find that some of your priorities are wrong, or some elements of your life are still out of balance. Take the time to make revisions and changes to fix this.

If your results aren’t all that you expected, alter or modify something – and then measure your results again. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome!

You may have to allocate time differently. Your goals and values may need minor (or major) alterations. New objectives, tasks or priorities may intervene. Unexpected changes, new relationships, or an evolution in the marketplace can skew the playing field and force you to adapt. That’s why your time management strategy must be flexible enough to ebb and flow with the tide.

Tips for Time Management – Only Practice Makes Perfect

Following these 5 tips for time management can boost your productivity and enhance the satisfaction in your personal life.

But like any new habit, these tips take practice to make perfect. I have made it a habit to audit and revise my time expenditure on a weekly basis. This way I know exactly what activities support my long term goals, and which ones are wasteful of my time.

To get started along this path, begin with a high level objective or goal that you want to reach. Then ask yourself this simple (but very powerful) question:

If I could do only one thing today that will take me closer to this objective, what would it be?

The answer will serve as your guide to implementing the 5 tips for time management. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll notice that it becomes a part of your way of life… the Tao of your time management journey!

Ultimately, however, what determines the degree of success you’ll enjoy depends upon your ability to focus without distraction on the important tasks that take you closer to your goals. In our special report, How To Focus, we go deeper into the tested and proven methods that virtually guarantee you will not get sidetracked, and streak ahead to success through the power of focus and concentration.

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