3 Important Time Management Tips

Habits To Help You Manage Time Better,
Avoid Stress & Boost Your Efficiency

Time management tips don’t have to be complex or complicated. Three of the most effective techniques to manage your time better are very simple – 1. make daily goals, 2. plan your day’s activity, and 3. maintain good health through exercise and nutrition. There’s nothing difficult or confusing about them, yet these powerful time management ideas can transform your work day.

Time management tips can revolutionize your working style and dramatically impact your results. By practicing productive habits on a regular basis, anyone can learn to manage time better and transcend to a higher plane of productivity. And surprisingly, these tips to manage time do not have to be esoteric or exotic. Indeed, the most effective ones are really quite simple.

1. Set Daily Goals

As a part of the overall Time Management Tao approach to getting more out of your day, setting the right goals and targets is an integral part of your time managing process. Worthy goals are the foundation for any meaningful accomplishment.

But those are higher level, long-term goals. Breaking them down into daily sub-goals can be a very productive time management exercise. Every morning it helps if you write down a list of 6 to 10 of your important goals. This helps your mind focus on these targets throughout your day, and easily filter out activities and distractions that are not directly relevant to them.

Write down your goals on a sheet of paper. There is a subliminal effect from actually writing them on paper with a pen or pencil, rather than reviewing them mentally, or even typing them on a computer screen.

When you jot them down, do it in the active present tense, as if you are carrying them out or seeing them come true “as we speak”. Doing this sends a message to your subconscious mind that these goals are achievable, are in the process of being reached, and that you are serious about attaining them. The synergy generated will actually make you more aware of opportunities and developments that can carry you to them faster.

2. Plan Your Daily Routine

Management is about setting priorities on the various tasks that you set yourself for the day. Time management tips are useful in prioritizing these tasks correctly, staying in alignment with your bigger goals.

At night before you go to bed, plan out the next day’s activities. This way you’ll give your brain a chance to mull over the tasks and figure out the optimal way to go about them in the morning.

When you begin work next day, get right to the most important task, and stay focused until it is completed. One of the Ming Vase Time Management guides, “How To Focus” can be of great help in showing you how to retain laser focus on the job at hand.

Setting limits on how much time you can devote to each task is a way to ensure that you get it done quickly, and avoids eating into precious time budgeted for other high priority tasks.

3. Get Exercise & Proper Nutrition

At first blush it might seem strange that exercise and nutrition would be listed among time management tips. But because everything else stems from maintaining good health, you’ll be able to get more done in less time if you are healthy and energetic.

Time management is a lifestyle. And health is an important component of that. By disciplining yourself to eat nutritious food and workout on a regular basis, you will generate more from your efforts, in lesser time.

These are just 3 time management tips that can transform your level of success and take you from being mediocre to reaching stellar heights in your work and career. There are many more tips and skills that will help you along the way. You can explore other sections of the Time Management Tao website to learn about them, and the three-pronged approach rooted in these principles:

These are powerful time management tips which, when combined with a philosophy of aligning your biggest goals to your available time, can prove beyond any doubt that there is unlimited time at your disposal to achieve your greatest dreams.

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