Throw Away Time Management Templates – And Slow Down Time

How To Happily Discover That There’s Always
Enough Time To Do What Matters

Time management templates can help organize your work day and manage your to-do lists. But by itself, using a template driven approach won’t reduce stress or enhance fulfillment. Here’s a simple principle to show you that there’s always time for the important things in your life.

Time management templates have guided our very existence. Right from an impressionable young age, we have been indoctrinated in the power of being effective and organized, meeting deadlines and targets, keeping promises, and getting things done on schedule.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s highly desirable – provided you can achieve your goal without becoming stressed out about it, or getting frustrated if it doesn’t happen!

That’s the problem with time management templates guiding your work and life. You become a slave to routine that imprisons you and keeps you from enjoying your time and your life.

What you’re about to learn now will change that paradigm, and show you how to slow down time to find greater fulfillment.

Technology & The Shrinking Time Cycle

In the “good old days”, we had constraints imposed upon time, which broke it down into meaningful chunks.

Every day’s news was delivered in the morning by the newspaper or radio/TV channels. Today, we have 24/7 news broadcasts – and the Web to take it mobile.

When you wanted share price information, you had to call your stock-broker who had a guy on the floor to relay it to you. Today, we have live streaming feeds.

You received your day’s task-list when you arrived at work and met with your supervisor or boss. Today, there’s email, SMS and Web based collaboration to issue you orders round the clock.

Technology has shrunk the time cycle. You’re always “on” – with downtime becoming scarce and hard to find. But that’s an artificially created reality – one you can break by learning how to…

Slow Down Time

We rush around at warp-speed, and think the world itself is speeding past as well. It’s only when we take a break from our hectic routine, go off on a holiday, or visit a different culture, that we realize that not everyone is in a tearing hurry all the time.

It’s upto ourselves to take responsibility for slowing down time. For throwing away the time management templates that control our existence. To re-define the meaning of managing time well.

Once you pause to think, and realize that it’s within your capacity to take control and make a change, it’s a liberating moment – because you suddenly realize that your 24 hour day grows longer simply by choosing to focus on doing different things.

Not Acceleration, But Fulfillment

The corporate world rewards you for rushing and doing things quickly. Doing them for longer time than others. And faster than your peers.

Trying to win that ‘race on a treadmill’ takes a serious toll on you.

You have less time for yourself, but are in a constant whirl of activity. That affects your health, happiness and harmony. To change it, and create time management templates that work in your favor, you must shift focus to fulfillment, rather than always being busy.

That’s why Time Management Tao begins with finding your center – the important things that need to get done.

There’s Always Enough Time

Think about something you’ve always wanted to do. Imagine that you stop doing everything else you’re involved with, to focus on that single thing. Could you get it done?


“But I can’t just drop everything else!” you cry. That’s true. But you can drop enough other things that are less important when you identify correctly the things that are most important to you.

There’s always enough time to do what matters. The difficult part is identifying what’s important – and then dropping long lasting habits that keep us engaged pursuing activities that are meaningless in the long run.

Using Time Management Templates To Your Benefit

There are some excellent tools for time management that have stood the test of time. But just as a top class hammer won’t make you a great carpenter, even the best time management tools need to be used in the right way.

1. To Do Lists

Make your lists regularly. But don’t put things willy-nilly on it. Limit your to-do list to the things that really matter. In the Ming Vase Time Management series of guides, you’ll learn the best ways to go about this.

2. Prioritization

Setting a higher priority on things that matter more to others than to yourself will keep you from being fulfilled and satisfied, stuck on the hamster wheel of trying to manage time. What matters most to you should always take higher priority.

3. Time Management Software

Various computer programs and applications can help you save time and streamline your activity. But unless you’re working towards your goals, the time you save will only be wasted on other ineffective projects. Know what you want, and then pick the right tools to help you get there.

Follow the Time Management Tao approach and

Here’s how you can get there. Explore the rest of this site for free information about managing your time better and finding better balance and harmony in your every day activities.

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