How Time Management Studies Ensure Higher Productivity

Time management studies are used by big businesses and companies, as well as non profit organizations and other large groups who value productivity and efficiency highly. Remember how we were often told, as kids, about how important it is to use time wisely and well? That’s what time management studies can help achieve in large groups or organizations.

Why Time Management Studies?

The essential basis of a time management study is simple. A tracking sheet helps keep a record of how employees spend time. Duties of a person are listed, with blanks into which they will enter the start and end time of activities. The time consumption is tabulated, analyzed, and patterns are traced for specific kinds of activities.

Patterns are the key to studies of effective time management. That’s why most tracking is done for common every day activities, rather than the rarely performed ones. Well maintained records help individuals examine what they are spending time on, and can aid in evolving strategies to deal with interruptions and breaks in concentration.

Time Studies At the Office

Unscheduled appointments are an element that often comes to the fore during studies of time management. Some businesses will refuse to see unscheduled clients. Others would take a message, and promise that someone will call back with more information. Each of these approaches save the organization immense amount of focused time to devote to the entity’s primary goals and objectives.

Another factor to keep in mind with these studies is the tendency to make data collection more efficient by rounding up time. Discrepancies creep into the measurement because staff collecting the data don’t count coffee or cigarette breaks, gossip time around the water cooler, or personal calls and tasks. These variables could skew the overall numbers and even lead to wrong conclusions in strategies adopted for better time management.

Time Management for Family

Studies of time management are also important in the private lives of people who work in larger organizations. The tendency to over-schedule children to participate in too many activities can lead to stress. Parents are now moving towards giving kids more spare time so that the family unit does not disintegrate owing to the pressure-cooker environment of overly busy parents and children.

An analysis of time spent can help get a better picture about where your time is being spent, and how to balance the time schedules of all family members, including children. There should be room in your daily routine for all important components of life, such as spiritual activities, relaxation and leisure, and self development.

There is little argument about the fact that time is very precious. Time management studies give us the opportunity to quantify our activities, examine our routines, and schedule things that are most important to fit comfortably into the overall fabric of our daily lives.

Without such introspection and analysis, we risk falling into a rut, and gradually getting into a vicious spiral of lower efficiency. With well designed studies to guide you, it is easier to align your work and life with the tested principles of Time Management Tao:

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