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Time management strategies are necessary to improve your effectiveness at study or work. By learning how to implement a 4-part strategy to managing your time, you will miraculously find 3 extra hours or more in your over-crowded day, and stay on top of your work-load almost effortlessly. Better still, you will take the stress-free route to achieving all your goals and targets.

The most complicated time management strategies begin with these simple steps.

1. Create Your Schedule

Depending upon your nature of work and your unique time management needs, your schedule may be for a semester (if you’re a college student), or a year (if you’re setting targets for a financial/budget year), or a decade (if you’re planning a personal time management system).

This is your bird’s eye view of the future, where you outline your targets and paint a picture of how you want things to be at the end. In this schedule, you must be sure to include all the components of your future goals, so that you won’t miss anything. If you do, the balance and harmony you’re striving to achieve through effective time management strategies will be altered.

So, if you’re a student, be sure to record all known assignments, projects, and papers that are due over the course of your semester. If you’re in sales, chalk out your travel schedule, meetings, performance reviews and training programs. Don’t forget social engagements, family activities, hobbies and other fun elements of your life.

2. Develop Your Weekly Plan

Every week, as you go through the list you just made, develop a plan for the next 7 days.

  • What tasks must be finished in the week ahead?
  • How much time do you have for each? Will it be enough?
  • Have you budgeted time for daily living activities?
  • On which day will you carry out each task?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make meaningful lists. When you’re not sure how long a particular activity will take, be conservative in your time allocation. If you finish it earlier than expected, you’ve got extra time on your hands. As far as time management strategies go, that’s far better than having to complete a 7 hour job – and only have 2 hours available for it!

3. Draw Up The Day’s List

Each morning, quickly review the weekly list you just compiled. Pull out the work that’s to be done today, and list it. It must be in a handy planner, mobile device, or even a sheet of paper or index card, so that you can carry it around with you and tick off each task as it’s finished.

Before setting out to work on them, though, prioritize them in order of importance. A simple, yet effective method is to give each item on your daily list a tag – A, B, or C. A’s are most important and must get done that day. B’s are the next most important, and must be done next. C’s are optional, and must be attended to only after A’s and B’s are finished.

4. Measure & Improve

The best time management strategies are ones that constantly evolve and grow better as you use them. So get into the habit of evaluating your progress.

Each evening, evaluate your daily schedule.

  • Did you get all the work done? If not, why?
  • Was your scheduling practical and realistic?
  • How accurate were your estimates of time taken to get things done?
  • Is your priority setting correct?

If anything isn’t working as you expected, make changes and tweaks to your process. Prioritize better. Remove items that aren’t important enough. Set your time estimates more accurately. Leave some time for unexpected delays and interruptions, so that you can make up for lost time.

These time management strategies will ensure that you minimize waste, get the important tasks done, and most importantly, avoid becoming stressed and anxious as you go through your productive day. This systematic approach to managing time is based on Time Management Tao, which is based on learning to:

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