Recommended Time Management Resources & Tools

1. Simpleology

An amazing suite of productivity tools that are designed to help you prioritize what’s important to get done on a day to day basis, and then integrate that into the overall context of your bigger picture. The online tools are simple, yet effective in keeping you on track.

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2. How to Focus

A simple ebook that’s barely 50 pages long, yet shares some powerful secrets to avoiding distraction and staying focused on the job at hand. Armed with this information, your productivity will soar.

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3. Rescue Time

You’ll be amazed at just how your computer time is spent when you get the detailed reports from this personal productivity service. Knowing what wastes your precious time will help you eliminate distraction and get more things done.

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4. How to Set Goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there! It’s far more effective – and fun – to know your destination, and set a clear route towards it. This guide will help you do it quickly and easily.

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5. Profit Productivity Blueprint

A efficiency checklist that will work just as well as any mind mapping software in breaking off the shackles of what’s holding you back from massive success.

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Learn How To Focus
Learn how to focus, beat procrastination and get things done in Dr Mani's How To Focus. Condensed into this short, crisp, tightly written guide are little known secrets guaranteed to save you at least 3 hours every day!
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