Important Time Management Questions

There are many important time management questions you’ll ask yourself over the years you strive to improve your productivity, boost your efficiency and manage your time better.

One of the most important time management questions is “How to get everything done?”

Well, the answer is really obvious. You cannot do everything by yourself. That has been painfully clear over the years you’ve been trying. So the answer is to find the right people – and delegate tasks.

For years, I did things myself. Delegation was not a word in my lexicon. There are many reasons for it. I didn’t know anyone suitable, with the necessary skills, and had no idea where to look for one. I felt comfortable doing what I did, was pretty good at it, and thought no one else could do it as well.

But at one stage, I found myself bogged down, dealing with the nitty-gritty tiny details that every major project entails. The result was I had less time to concentrate on other elements of my work and life. Surely you too have been in the same boat!

The time management questions get more complex and difficult as you progress along the journey to becoming more effective. Some issues are related to setting up systems to let things run on auto-pilot. That can free up your time, but requires some planning and intelligent automation to put into practice.

What if you ignore these questions about time management?

You’ll only find yourself struggling, getting increasingly frustrated, and eventually be forced to seek help. You may get lucky and quickly find people to help with your work. Or you may need to plod along and keep looking until you find someone.

Once you do, it’ll be amazing how by delegating just a few simple tasks you will free up so much time! You’ll find time to focus on higher level work that’s guided by your bigger, longer term goals rather than being boggled down in the day to day trivia that cannot be ignored or brushed under the carpet.

You’ll be free to plan a strategy, find new partners and concentrate on many other activities that will take you closer to your goals, help you reach your targets and transform your life totally. That’s the power in facing up to those difficult time management questions and taking the trouble to figure out answers to them.

As a time management strategy, getting your ‘dream team’ in place should claim the highest priority. And asking yourself probing and insightful questions about managing time is the best first step that leads to this happy conclusion.

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