Your Time Management Performance – How To Optimize It?

Keeping track of your time management performance can help you constantly improve your efficiency, eliminate (or minimize) waste, and boost productivity easily. Just as the performance of a car engine depends upon several factors, your own time management performance will be based on how well you do many different things.

Among the most important of them is learning how to prioritize correctly, which in turn is dependent upon knowing exactly what you want.

This is so vital, the entire content of most time management courses could be summarized in just these 2 words – Prioritize Correctly.

Expert time management coach and teacher Stephen Covey uses the analogy of struggling hard to climb up a ladder – only to discover when you arrive at the top that the ladder was leaning against the wrong tree (or wall)!

Most successful achievers know exactly what they want. They know, in specific terms, where they want to be at the end of a particular time period, what they want to be doing at any point in time, how they intend living their dreams. That helps measure and monitor their time management.

Once you know exactly what you want to do, and have broken down the process of getting it done into smaller steps, it becomes easy – and effective – to put a priority on the individual steps, and take them up for execution one after another.

The actual methods you use to set priorities and execute them may vary. But as long as you can set priorities correctly, you will most effectively manage your time – and get more of the important tasks done every day, every month, every year.

What else impacts your time management performance? One element that has an effect on it is understanding the distinction between ‘creativity’ and ‘clarity’.

Our stereotype of a creative type of person (like an artist or author) is one who lives in a state of controlled chaos, where the individual thrives in an environment of perpetual mess and disorganization.

While it is true that an overly orderly environment is often a hindrance to creativity, a mess is by no means necessary, or even desirable. And remember – to function best, you need a combination of creativity and clarity. The clarity will enhance your time management performance.

You need clarity in your purpose, and in your goals. Clarity in your process of achieving both is also desirable. And the two forces are always in conflict with each other. A compromise is often the best solution. Keeping a tidy work environment, or at least cleaning up the mess on your desk from time to time, will help enhance your productivity and let you manage your time more effectively.

In addition to monitoring your time management performance, you should also focus on learning more strategies, techniques and systems to help better manage your time. Other sections of this site have information about specific elements of time management that you can explore through the links on the sidebar. And you can also sign up to receive our free email newsletter, the “Time Taozine“.

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