3 Shocking Time Management Facts To Jolt You Into Higher Productivity

Some time management facts will astound and amaze you. Take this, for instance. It is estimated that top Fortune 500 CEOs get an average of 23 minutes of productive time in a day!

That’s right – TWENTY THREE MINUTES in a full 24 hours!

So how about the remaining part of their working day? The rest of the time is spent on less effective tasks. Administrative trivia, perhaps. Or tackling routine tasks that don’t contribute to the bottom-line. Or in meetings.

time management facts

The biggest time wasters are meetings. Other things that detract from their productivity include phone calls and other distractions. But meetings are at the top of the list of head honchos on many surveys conducted about time management facts.

How to get around this?

The solution is rather simple – and effective. Protect your productive time jealously.

Yes, it can be that easy. Guard your time furiously. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t get up from your seat, if you work at a desk. Don’t let your attention wander away into sidelines… keep focusing only on the task you are currently involved in.

Of all the time management facts, the most hard to believe is how often executives and managers waste time in meetings. Planning your meeting agenda, organizing a schedule for how to work through it, and taking a leadership role in making sure that things move along in the right sequence can save hours and hours for many people.

time management facts

Another important component of improving your efficiency is intelligent delegation of duties.

  • If you have a secretary, have your calls screened. Or else, use an answering machine or service.
  • Answer the important calls on a schedule – it depends on your routine, maybe once an hour, or 3 times a day or something else.
  • Meet with people only by prior appointment – and set clearly defined time limits for meetings.
  • Go into meetings fully prepared with relevant information to hand – and insist that others too treat these gatherings with the same respect and importance.

Just these simple techniques, rigidly implemented, will save you hours every day. The most effective people and time managers are those who embrace the basic tenets of the Tao style of time control, learning how to

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