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I woke up.

I had been fast asleep for a long time. It could have been ten years. Or even a hundred. Maybe longer.

I didn’t know. I didn’t care.

High up in the exalted snow-capped peaks of the majestic Himalayas, time had a different meaning. Or no meaning.

The Glacier had been there for thousands of years; for millions; forever. It would be around for many more. Indian mythology calls it the birthplace of the sacred river, Mother Ganga. For me and many other ice drops, it was the only home we knew or remembered.

All around us the jagged mountain-tops thrust upwards into the sky in a determined effort to reach the heavens. Their pure snowy whiteness dazzled brilliantly in the late afternoon sunlight. In the distance I could see the opening to the cave within which the revered Ice God reigns in frozen splendor.

I focussed my attention on the faint faraway rumble, the low roar that had disturbed the still calm of the mountaintops and had woken me up.

What could it be?

Not a thunderstorm, that sounded different.

What then?

Aeons of unconscious knowledge provided the answer that suddenly popped into my mind.

It was an avalanche.

* * *

An avalanche is one of Nature’s most awesome displays of raw power. Like everything else, it is an explosive expression of bottled up energies pushed beyond their limits of tolerance. For years and years, decades upon decades, pressure builds up as layers of ice and snow pile up on each other.

Until it reaches breaking point.

The final provocation may be quite trivial – the first light drops of a spring rain or the gentle whisper of a snowflake.

And in that instant, Nature erupts in fury and frustration, in glorious release.

Thousands of tons of ice, rock and boulders meld into a roaring torrent of magnificent force, hurtling down the slopes. Like a forceful personality it thrusts aside any obstacle in its path, rushing relentlessly towards its final destination.

I had never before experienced an avalanche. Idly, I wondered where it was heading.

The sound grew louder. A wild thought hit me with a shock.

“It’s coming here!”

The noise was now a deafening roar, the earth trembling and shaking. Suddenly an enormous pressure crushed me from all sides. A searing pain ripped through me, and I lost all sense of time and place.

* * *

Chapter 1: My Destiny

It must have been hours before I woke up again. The fury of the avalanche seemed to have subsided. I tried to regain my bearings. Everything looked different.

A soft murmur of voices broke the silence. Someone nearby was having a discussion, a meeting. I heard a voice say

“…that’s the secret of a purposeful life.”

“What is?” I wondered.

Suddenly I had the strange feeling that I had become the focus of attention, the center of a crowd. I glanced around to find hundreds of other ice drops looking curiously at me.

“I must have spoken out loud” I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you,” I stammered. “But I’ve just arrived here. I was swept away by an avalanche. Couldn’t help overhearing your last words.”

The ice drop who had spoken smiled. It was the largest, clearest, purest ice drop I had ever seen.

“That’s ok, welcome to our group, Adrian Donovan Ice Drop” he said.

“But… but… how do you know my name?” I sputtered.

He smiled silently. Another small ice drop near him spoke:

“The Grand Ice Drop knows all”

I was stunned. This was the Grand Ice Drop. The most powerful, most knowledgeable, wisest, greatest ice drop of all.

And I, little Adrian Ice Drop, had impolitely butted into his discourse. Ashamed, I apologized again.

“Revered Sir, I’m terribly sorry for disturbing your meeting” I muttered.

The Grand Ice Drop still showed no trace of anger or irritation.

“Your Destiny has brought you here today”, he said.

“My Destiny?”

“Yes, your Destiny.”

“What is my Destiny?” I asked, curious to know.

“You’ll know – at the right time. We were just talking about this. Every ice drop has but one destiny. And everyone’s existence is spent fulfilling this Destiny.”

“I still don’t understand” I exclaimed.

“Think of it as a journey to a destination. You’ll have to try and reach it.”

“But how will I know what is my Destiny?” I asked.

“Good question. The answer is simple. Follow your Dreams.”


“Do you dream?” the Grand Ice Drop asked.


“And what is your fondest dream?”

With the barest of pauses, I answered, “To travel.”

“Then that’s a part of your Destiny. You see, each of us has a Destiny. But we choose different ways to fulfill it. How exactly you choose to live out your Destiny depends upon your Dreams. Have a dream, follow it, and you’ll be closer to your Destiny. Think about it.”

So I did.

Ever since I could remember, I had dreamed about traveling. For decades, as I lay encased within the cold dark interior of the Glacier, travel had been on my mind. I wanted to go around the world, to see new places, to hear new sounds, to experience new events, to meet others.

“But how can I travel? Me, an ice drop trapped within the Glacier.”

The Grand Ice Drop spoke again.

“Believe in your dreams. Your passion will show you the way, give you the energy, guide you to your Destiny,” he said. “Now, let’s try this together. Focus your whole being, all your concentration and energy upon achieving your Dream. Do it right now.”

I tried. And as I did, the Grand Ice Drop seemed to glow brighter and brighter.

At the same time I felt a difference. I was lighter. I was moving. Suddenly in a blinding flash of brilliance, he disappeared. I could only hear his voice saying:

“Adrian Ice Drop, you have transcended to a higher plane. You are now a Water Drop. You can move, travel. Go. Follow your Dreams. Fulfill your Destiny. You made the right choice.”

* * *

It was with mixed feelings that I set out on my adventure. As I trickled slowly along, my eager excitement and anticipation were intermingled with a mild anxiety and uncertain fear.

What would happen? Where would I go? Whom would I meet? What would I see and do?

And amidst this, for a fleeting moment, the thought crossed my mind.

Was I making a mistake? Should I have stayed where I had been, safe, secure – and unknowing?

Quickly I thrust it away.

All around me were millions of other ice drops, cozily entombed within their safe cocoons of ignorance. Was this what I wanted too? Did I really want to be like one of them?

The words of the Grand Ice Drop echoed in my mind:

Follow your Dream. Fulfil your Destiny.

It was my dream to travel. To see new places, to learn from others, to explore and understand the Universe.

To understand myself.

Now I was on my way. I smiled to myself.

Everything was going to be fine.

* * *

Weeks passed. I trickled slowly and steadily across the vast expanse of snow and ice.

What had once appeared from a distance to be a dull, boring sameness turned out, on closer inspection, to be full of wonderful multeity. It was superbly distinctive, and endlessly varied. Infinitely diverse, yet infinitely repetitive.

From the mountain-top, I had only ever caught brief glimpses of vast white tracts of nothingness. But as I trickled along them now, I saw gorges cut out of snow-streaked rock leaving smooth-sloped ridges that wound and curved on both sides. The ground beneath me was a series of tiny humps and mounds.

Everything was so beautiful, so stark, so bold. The peaks from where I’d begun my journey gazed down majestically from the distance, awakening within me an awe that bordered on the sublime, the holy.

From time to time, gentle flurries of silver and dark flakes fell gently upon the rugged landscape, and temporarily turned the ridged and furrowed surface into one white smoothness. The skies would clear for a while, the momentary hint of blue casting just enough light to reveal a flash of diamonds being strewn across the earth.

This was a fairy-tale world of innocence and purity. And it seemed that I was building my own track within its snowy infinity; that only I would know where it led; that only I would ever pass through, before it was forever altered by the vagaries of fate, and the next snowfall.

Today, a brilliant morning sun glittered brightly, turning the spotless white carpet into a dazzling mirror of the heavens above.

Lost in my thoughts, I was startled to realize I had company. At first, it was just a feeling, a sub-conscious sense that I was no longer alone. Looking around I saw hundreds of other ice drops, each traveling in the same direction as myself.

“Where did they come from?” I wondered. “And where are they going?”

Curious, yet hesitant to initiate a conversation, I moved silently along. Suddenly I felt a sharp jab in my side and turned sharply.

“I’m terribly sorry, it was an accident.”

It was the ice drop beside me who spoke.

“Quite all right,” I smiled. “Where are you going?”

“Wherever Fate takes me” he cried, joyfully.

* * *

His name was Julian and his middle name was “fun”. It’s what he lived for, what he had dreamed of while he remained locked inside the glacier, what he looked forward to now that he was free.

“I want to see everything. Go everywhere. Do everything.”

And he lived up to his promise. As we joined a rivulet trickling through the gray-brown soil of the lower reaches of our mountain range, Julian didn’t miss a chance to pause and explore.

“Let’s see where this way leads,” he’d nudge me along, and we twisted and turned around spiky strands of stiff grass, tumbled down tiny boulders, and swirled around in mini-whirlpools in rocky ponds high up in the Himalayas.


To follow Adrian’s exciting journey of adventure and self-discovery until the shocking destination where he finally hears a message that stuns and transforms him, get your copy of

‘The Icedrop’, by Dr.Mani

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“I read your new book and found it very exciting, peaceful and ‘Learning Full’. It is a brilliant piece of work filled with wisdom, joy, hope and all good things. Especially I liked the way that ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ was introduced to the reader. Brilliant! If I were to underline the most important parts of this volume, I would have to underline the entire book. Everyone should read this book and share it with those who matter most.”

John Harricharan, award-winning author of ‘Morning Has Been All Night Coming’ and ‘The Power Pause’

“Your writing is a joy to read, and has so much depth to it. The Icedrop should be required reading for all kids.

This beautifully written, lovely story is an analogy for understanding the bigger picture of what life is about, and facing the uncertainties each of us experiences as we go through it. We all have choices to make, and those choices determine our destiny. We can push our limits, experience joy, and reach for the impossible. Or we can play it safe and do nothing, and not live up to our full potential. There are times when challenging ourselves makes all the difference in conquering fear of the unknown.

Dr. Mani has distilled the essence of what makes life precious. This book is full of truth. It’s about how to live a meaningful life and how to appreciate the friends you make along your journey. It reminds me of The Little Prince/Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and is certain to become a classic as the French book has.

Rosalyn Bronstein, entrepreneur

“Adrian Icedrop definitely gave me the message I have been searching for…. I feel so good now that I am sure I can reach on top of Mt.Everest. There is this overwhelming feeling of joy that has filled me. Thank you for sharing this.”

Dr.Sashikala, physician

“A reminder to be grateful to the ‘Universe’. Aren’t we all, a part of it? The writer has taken a tiny speck of the large natural surrounding which abounds with energy. I found another reminder telling me I have a purpose, for being here. It further told me that I possess the ability to do what I have set my mind to. The final message is to realize within each and every one of us how much untapped power we’ve got that’s going wasted. A book that every one should read to be induced with and galvanised into a get-set & GO mode.”

Dileepa Lawrence Hewa, entrepreneur

“Very profound! I started reading, thinking I will read a few pages first & then later. But I finished the book in one go. Could not stop. After Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I think ‘The Icedrop’ is the best allegory I have come across.

Everyone can identify with so many of the stages Adrian goes through. I kept thinking that I could relate to Adrian, then Ju. I said to myself, “Vincent is soooo me!” … and then Joshua comes along! I plan to put a lot of the messages on the wall in my room!

Dr.Uma Maheswari, physician

“Just finished reading ‘The Icedrop’…the thought which is resonating within myself is, “Have I found my purpose in life?” After reading the book, I feel that I should take the extra plunge and widen my horizons, not be bogged down by mundane routines, which are important, no doubt… but have to be cut across on and off.

Your language is very simple and understandable, it was nice journey with the snowdrop which I could feel myself engulfed in. People around us are just a reflection of our being, a simple truth which is manifest in the book. It makes society look so much simpler, than our assumption. The different forms of the icedrop, was more like Lord Krishna making his “Geethopadesam”. We are here to pass on our knowledge to the novice and create a purpose for him in life. Thanks for the good read.”

Rashmi Pakkiri Murugan

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