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2 Super Effective Time Management Tips And Techniques

Time Management Techniques

Someone asked me for time management tips and techniques that have the highest potential to transform the success of everyone who uses them. Looking back on the Time Management Tao system of being more efficient and effective, it is obvious that two techniques are far more effective than others. So we’ll discuss them in this report.

Be focused

Concentration, in its truest, unadulterated form, means the ability to focus the mind on one single solitary thing.

The hardest thing anyone has to learn over years is to stay focused on a few key things at any given time. There were times when I juggled 20 different projects online, in addition to a full-time professional schedule at work! What ensued was sub-optimal performance in most areas.

It is often not apparent – until you start to radically scale down things you’re involved in. I make it a rule to manage no more than 3 projects at a time, and restrict other activities to manageable chunks spread out over the year. While this approach might mean you’ll spend less time on each activity than before, your results will improve massively.

This is one of the most effective time management tips and techniques I’ve learned (and taught) over the years. Yes, if you stay focused and concentrate on a few things, you’ll achieve more in each. Truly, less is more.


Be organized

Ok, now here’s another of my favorite time management tips and techniques. It is a somewhat controversial area for many who argue that chaos and clutter helps creativity and that meticulous organization stifles all fun and excitement. “Orderliness is the sign of a sick mind!”, they claim.

Viewed from a productivity angle, however, it quickly becomes clear that a disorganized work space will waste time, lower efficiency and increase stress.

Have things easily available. Don’t waste time searching for them. Studies have estimated the average knowledge worker is wasting around 15 minutes every day looking for things – and that’s a minimum. Still, it adds up to 1.5 hours a week – or 75 hours a year!

That’s what makes this one of the most powerful time management tips and techniques. By simply improving your organization skills, you could get THREE EXTRA DAYS in a year!

Think about how much more you could accomplish with that extra time. Then get to work establishing better order and system in your work place. Combined with other time management tips and techniques that you’ll pick up by exploring other sections of this site, and from the Ming Vase Time Management series, you’ll enjoy a productivity boost and lower stress.

This lies at the heart of the Time Management Tao system, which starts by teaching you how to

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