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Book Review: The Fox

The Fox by Frederick Forsyth

The Master is still at the top of his Game!

‘The Fox’ is Frederick Forsyth‘s latest novel and a worthy descendant in the rich lineage of thriller/spy classics the author is known for.

A fast-moving tale of a teen hacking prodigy, and how his skills might be deployed with devastating impact in today’s computer-controlled world, it has all the elements of a FF novel – counter-espionage, political intrigue, international plots, ruthless assassins, and high-stakes drama.

And his art at weaving a gripping story hasn’t dimmed over the years.


BOOK REVIEW: The Woman In The Window

The Woman in the Window Book Review

Read “The Woman In The Window”

I’m writing a new book. The first draft is done. That’s when I read ‘Wired for Story‘ by Lisa Cron.

It listed ten psychologic triggers to boost a story’s appeal and readability. I took notes as I went through the guide. And in the end, I decided to completely rewrite my manuscript, and create a fresh second draft with these triggers embedded within it.

Still, I wondered.

At best, I might include four or five of the 10 triggers. Was it even possible to write a book that incorporated all of them?

That’s when my friend Priya recommended A.J.Finn‘s debut novel, “The Woman In The Window”. I’ve just finished reading it.

Wow! It pushes ALL those buttons – and then some.