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Book Review: Travelling In A Strange Land

Travelling in a Strange Land

Middle age.

It’s a cheerful euphemism for old men to delude themselves that they’re not (yet!) over the hill.

A phrase intended to offer the illusion of youth and vitality that works most of the time… until it doesn’t.

And for someone in this twilight zone who reads ‘Travelling in a Strange Land’┬áby David Park, it will have a special meaning and resonance that I’d imagine it hard for other readers to find in the poignant reflections and insightful self-commentary about a life filled with its fair share of mistakes and misjudgment.


Book Review: Keep Calm And Mommy On by by Tanu Shree Singh

Keep Calm and Mommy On by Tanu Shree Singh Book Review

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“That is exactly what motherhood seems like sometimes – velvet bugs scattering from a broken jar.”

I laughed out loud. Both at the vivid imagery that sentence evoked, and at the ironical fact it evinced… that parenting is a journey fraught with peril and pitfalls.

It’s a really long ‘examination’ on the subject of ‘Life’ – one that lasts a good twenty years or more… One where a hapless mom or dad can only hope and pray to pass graciously, not come out with shiny honors!

Because the “exam questions” are really, really tough.

  • Am I an adequate parent?
  • Is there a defined parenting path I followed?
  • Did I ensure optimal levels of “cognitive functioning”?
  • Have I “charted their trajectories” properly?

How CAN we, as parents, ever hope to answer them?!

But this book lets you dare to dream bigger.


A Decade of Daddying

Daddy Girl

“It’s that moment before. Before it all changes and becomes what it is to be.”