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How To Improve Your Website Navigation

“The foundation of almost all good information architectures is a well-designed hierarchy.” Anger. Confusion. Frustration. These are the emotions of a Web surfer lost in cyberspace. In the murky, uncharted gloom of a poorly created Website. Not one of yours, I hope! While it may be true that Content is King on the Web, your […]

What Do Your People Want?

I wrote and published my first ebook way back in 1997. It was for a very small and specialized niche. Since then, that little ebook has sold over SEVEN HUNDRED copies. Even today, it sells a few every month – with no effort at all. That didn’t happen because I was smart – but because […]

4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Time Management Skills

At a recent college reunion, twenty-five years after we first entered college, I met many old classmates and re-learned one important lesson. Being Time Efficient Is HIGHLY Profitable! One theme kept popping up over and over again in our conversations. “Our kids rarely get to see their dad, he’s so busy!” “I go to work […]

How To Launch A Product Online

Looking for the ULTIMATE product launch formula?  The quickest, easiest way to launch a product and ramp up sales is to… identify what your audience wants badly create a fantastic product that fills that need tease them about its arrival – for a long time build a list of curious, eager and excited prospects ramp […]

Business Optimization : Why Should You Care

I became interested in learning business optimization almost by accident. In 2004, I spent 26 weeks in a mentorship program, working with one of the world’s top marketing consultants, a man who has generated over 7 BILLION dollars in new profits for his clients. One of the first things he sent us students was a […]

How To Drive Extra Traffic Using Twitter

What started as a quick way to share news snippets  has grown into a massive social media channel that celebrities, entrepreneurs and marketers have tapped into for website traffic. And if you aren’t using Twitter to get visitors to your site in 2018, you’re missing out – because there are 330 million users on the […]

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