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My 18 Biggest Lessons Learned In Life

A year is a long time to learn life lessons. These lessons learned in life will transform, inspire and empower you to reach for your dreams – and succeed. Here are the 6 biggest ones. Lessons Learned In Life #1: Friends Matter I passed out of medical school over 30 years ago. There were 204 […]

How To Get Inspired And Motivated

Life is tough. Success is hard. To make it through, you’ve got to find your inner strength and passion. You have to train yourself to watch for opportunities, and seize them effectively if you want to reach a higher level of success and happiness. And build as many good habits as possible to help you […]

Know When To Stop

Remember that your life is a series of seconds, minutes and hours each day. It’s important to work hard because this contributes to your happiness and success. There’s nothing wrong with being the kind of person who works hard. But if you’re working so many hours and you have such big projects on your shoulders […]

Be Grateful

A gambler died. When he opened his eyes, he saw a majestic presence – an elderly man with a flowing beard, dressed in pure white robes. In a gentle voice, he said: “Welcome, my son, to our Casino in the Clouds. Here you can gamble away to your heart’s content!”

Life is a song

They are the most enjoyable moments of my crowded day. The pleasant, cool evening breeze caressing our faces, we stroll through the streets and bylanes of our neighborhood hand in hand – my daughter and I.

How I See Life

Being Imagine a vast sea or huge lake. Still, quiet waters. Unimaginable depths. Now and again, tiny ripples appear on the surface. Or a disruption creates a small splash. That’s us. The temporary disturbance in the permanent, everlasting stillness of a collective consciousness.


Recently, I attended a funeral. Indian custom dictates a long series of ‘last rites’. When the seemingly endless sequence of rituals ended after nearly an hour, the mortal remains were ceremonially consecrated to electric heat of the modern crematorium. We waited outside for an hour, chatting aimlessly about various things – subliminally aware, all the […]