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My 18 Biggest Lessons Learned In Life

Growing up

A year is a long time to learn life lessons. These lessons learned in life will transform, inspire and empower you to reach for your dreams – and succeed.

Here are the 6 biggest ones.

Lessons Learned In Life #1:

Friends Matter

Friends Matter

I passed out of medical school over 30 years ago. There were 204 students in my batch.

In the course of 2017, I met nearly 50 of them in person at least once.

That’s 25% of a group of friends I’ve known for three long decades!

It’s amazing.


7 Uses For DEATH

7 uses for death


  • Focuses you on the here and now
  • Shows how unimportant and insignificant things really are
  • Creates urgency – there may not be a ‘tomorrow’
  • Recalls pleasant memories of the departed one’s life
  • Makes you pause and reflect on your own life – seriously
  • Proves you have a lot to be grateful for – like being alive
  • Forces you to accept that you are human – and will be gone some day

These were thoughts that ran through my mind today as I drove back home from the funeral of a colleague who worked with me for a little over ten years, treating little kids with congenital heart defects.


Do You Read Enid Blyton?

Read Enid Blyton

As we grow older, we read weightier, more abstract tomes.

Books like…

Then, we try to figure out the deeper meaning and profound insights these authors expound.

But we also forget how much power and impact is there in SIMPLICITY.

In children’s books – like stories by Enid Blyton.

Each experience of their characters is a lesson that’s applicable to us adults in our lives – and what’s more, they are EASY to understand!

Pick up any book your child is reading.

Browse through it.

Watch for the lessons.

Take them to heart.

Because, at heart, we are all still children.