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Undertanding Unstable Angina

Grandma almost died –¬†SEVEN times! The attacks came with no warning. At any time of the day or night, it would hit her with uncaring abandon, leaving the hearty, cheerful old lady bent over and crippled with pain. Her face ashen and sweaty. The breath rattling wheezily through her chest. In agony, she’d gasp for […]

Heart Attack – All That You Need To Know About It

My cellphone rang at 2 a.m. That’s always a bad thing. Usually, it meant a medical emergency. My uncle was on the line. “Your aunt’s having some chest discomfort for around ten minutes.” I snapped fully awake at the words, suspecting a heart attack. “It’s getting worse. Not really chest pain, but…” I interrupted. “Take […]

Signs of Heart Attack

If You Know The Signs of Heart Attack, You Can Save Lives   My sister saved my father’s life when he had a heart attack! They were at a day-long symposium, when during the lunch break, dad suddenly complained of discomfort and had a sudden urge to use the toilet. When he returned a few […]