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Relax – Take It Easy

We’ve all bought into the dream. The one with attractive pictures of you (or me) sipping a pina colada, resting on the beach, while cash pours into our bank accounts… because we run an auto-pilot home business on the Internet. We’ve all realized it isn’t as rosy a dream to live through. Reality bites. Early. Web […]

Business Optimization : Why Should You Care

I became interested in learning business optimization almost by accident. In 2004, I spent 26 weeks in a mentorship program, working with one of the world’s top marketing consultants, a man who has generated over 7 BILLION dollars in new profits for his clients. One of the first things he sent us students was a […]

Risk Reversal : How To Take Away Their Risk

Keep this in mind. In any transaction in business, one of the two sides is being asked to assume a greater portion of the risk. If you can minimize (or completely eliminate) the risk your prospect is asked to take, that could become one of the most powerful levers in getting them to begin a […]

How Powerful Are Testimonials, Endorsements And Reviews

What goes into making up an effective testimonial? That’s a fascinating question – and the answer will constantly evolve, changing as you get more and more of them. If you haven’t got any testimonials until now, that’s ok. I didn’t either – when I got started! Now I have many. And it helps with how […]

Split Testing Or A/B Testing

Split testing is about comparing two different versions of any element of your sales website, one against the other. The goal: To find which version works better. One headline against another may pull 3 times as well. One risk reversal against another may get twice as many conversions to sales. One set of bonuses against […]

Recurring Billing And Continuity Programs

The constant struggle for making new sales can grow tiring after a while. There’s always pressure to find new prospects, convince them to buy from you, overcome objections and finally close the sale. Well, here’s a solution that’ll appeal to you. By implementing a recurring billing process, you can effortlessly raise your profits… while cutting […]

7 Secrets About How To Upsell Products

Discover 7 easy ways to persuade your customers to buy more. Learn how to upsell products. Includes case study: How to get a 62% raise. Upsells are the hands-down winner. Whenever I ask myself which is the single most powerful business concept that left a huge impact on my online selling, the quickest way to […]