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Be Grateful

A gambler died. When he opened his eyes, he saw a majestic presence – an elderly man with a flowing beard, dressed in pure white robes. In a gentle voice, he said:

“Welcome, my son, to our Casino in the Clouds. Here you can gamble away to your heart’s content!”


500 Words To Change Your Life!

500 words to change your life

Look, I realize a 500 word post on a blog isn’t likely to change your worldview or the way you see life. But then again, it might – in some small way. So I’ll share parts of a conversation I had recently.


It’s An Abundant Universe

But You’ve Still Got To DO Something!

An Abundant Universe - The Lemon Tree

I begin my day with a cup of green tea, with a twist of lemon.

Today, we were out of lemons.

I went downstairs into the garden, walked up to the lemon tree in our front yard, and shook it.


I shook it again. Still nothing happened.

I glanced up into the branches. There were many fruits.

Once again, I gave the trunk a good shake.

A large, ripe, yellow lemon dropped down and rolled to my feet!

A frisson of delight rippled through me.

What an abundant universe we live in!

You ask for it – and within minutes, you receive it.

Of course, you still have to go down to the treeand shake it long enough!