Stop Complaining!


I was once a big complainer“Whiner” could have been my middle name! Just about anything was grist for my mill.

I’d complain…

  • About my work and my colleagues.
  • About politics and the economy.
  • About match-fixing in sports and bias in news reporting.
  • And everything else.

Then, one fine day, I suddenly stopped.

Can’t recall any particular reason why. It just struck me that complaining all the time about everything was turning me into a cynical, bitter person. So I decided to change.

Ever since then, it amazes me how different things look from the “other side”.

While complaining, I always imagined how “reasonable, rational and logical” I must have seemed to others. The case I made out for myself was always based on “facts, rules and norms”. There was no way anyone seeing how sound my stance was could disagree with me, or take another view of the situation.

Only when I stopped did it hit me in the face like a dash of ice-cold water…

Complaining only made me look like a fool!

When you’re whinging, not many truly agree with you. Or understand you. Or appreciate you. Nobody thinks you’re cool, smart or fair because you’re bringing up clever arguments to explain why everything’s wrong about your world.

At best, they tolerate you. At worst, they wish they could strangle you!

Because while it’s true the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it’s also true that squeaking itself doesn’t stop the noise…

You’ve got to apply the grease!

Let’s face it – the world dislikes a whining, groaning, unhappy wretch who’s focused eternally on what’s broken or wrong with the universe… instead of just buckling down and getting it FIXED!  (Or, at least, trying to.)

Be THAT guy or gal. Fix things. Don’t complain about them.


It’s more fun that way, too.

Speaking of complaining, my book hasn’t received much of that. See why.

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