Slow & Steady Gets Richer Quick!

Legend has it that an Indian maharajah (emperor) was once so pleased with the praise showered upon him by a court poet that he wanted to reward him lavishly. He offered the poet two options.

One: To receive 2,000 gold coins immediately.

Two: To receive 1 gold coin today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the day after, and so on for a year.

The poet considered the options carefully, and then chose the first. After all, he would get 2,000 gold coins right away!

Was that a good decision? Think about your answer before you read on.

Because that’s exactly how many of us view most investment and business decisions… by asking ourselves: “How profitable will it be IMMEDIATELY?”

But let’s analyze the poet’s decision more carefully.

Assume that this conversation with his emperor happened on January 1st of the year. If he had chosen the second option, then between July 1st and 5th (Day #180 to 185), he would have received:

180 + 181 + 182 + 183 + 184 = 910 gold coins!

From October 1st to 5th (Day 270 to 275), that would have grown to:

270 + 271 + 272 + 273 + 274 = 1,360 gold coins!!

And in the first week of December (Day 330 to 335), he could have taken home:

330 + 331 + 332 + 333 + 334 = 1,660 gold coins!!!

In all, over the entire year, had he picked the second option his emperor gave him, he would have received – hold your breath, now –

66,785 GOLD COINS!

And the stupid poet settled for TWO THOUSAND… that’s thirty-three times less!

Now, it’s easy to laugh at the poet. But think about how often a similar decision making process has left YOU short-changed in your business.

You get caught up in the hype and excitement of a formula or blueprint that promises to flood your website with 10,000 visitors in a week – and ignore the more sustainable process which will bring you 10 visitors this week, 25 the next, 50 the week after, and growing steadily from there onwards.

You rush to grab an ebook or course that teaches you how to exploit a loophole or take advantage of a short-term fad which can make you some quick money – and postpone the more solid system that will scale and grow over time, gaining momentum as it gets bigger and brings in a steadily increasing profit in time.

I recently browsed an impassioned discussion on a marketing forum where people were trashing a group of vendors who sold stuff with overwhelming hype and unreal promises – and others were rationalizing it by saying “It’s what sells!”

Sadly, that’s so true.

Far too many buy into the promise of “easy, quick, instant riches/success/fame” – and expect to get the road-map to it for a few dollars (or even for free!)

But such a system doesn’t exist. There are many that work. But they all take time, effort and focus to execute, and benefit from.

And most of the time, these effective systems are priced fairly to reflect that value.

When you put in the effort, and are patient enough to wait for it to take root, you’ll see that it delivers an enormous return – just as the emperor’s gift picks up momentum over time, and grows into a whopping 30x higher profit!

That’s how the system I teach in my course, “Easy Niche Profits” works. Not instantly. Not effortlessly. Not guaranteed. But slowly, surely, effectively.

It gradually gains power as the system matures and grows. You can learn more about it here – Easy Niche Profits

Slow and steady really does get you rich quicker than trying other shortcuts that only end up wasting your time and making you frustrated.

Choose wisely. Get rich SLOWLY!



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