2 Highly Desirable Skills in Time Management

We each have skills in time management. They help us get through life. Otherwise, we’d all be helplessly confused, behind schedule and unable to accomplish even the simplest tasks.

But if you’re struggling to handle your to-do list and comfortably finish your daily tasks, then there are some skills in time management that you have probably not acquired yet. Here are 2 such highly desirable methods that can transform your efficiency.

1. Break down big tasks into manageable bite-sized pieces

Procrastination is your biggest enemy when it comes to managing time. One of the reasons to put something off for later is the fear that it is too tough, complex or extensive to complete within a certain time frame.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to break down any task into multiple smaller ones. Instead of thinking about writing a book, look at it as writing a series of 20 articles, one every day. That way, you can manage to get an article done in 30 to 60 minutes daily – and by repeating this regularly over 3 weeks, you’ll have a finished book.

In any major task, there are multiple pieces in the puzzle that each require a certain amount of work, time and expense. If you thought about all of them at once, you’d become overwhelmed – and put off getting started. So take out a sheet of paper and list the individual tasks that need to be addressed. Then, start working through them one by one – and before you even realize it, the complex task will be fully finished! This is one of the highly desirable skills in time management. There’s another one too.

2. Monitor yourself – don’t look for outside supervision

The hardest part of time management for self-employed entrepreneurs and people who work unsupervised by a boss is to monitor themselves.

When you’re at work, your time is accountable. You must answer to your boss, colleagues, co-workers. If you goof off, someone will pull you up – very likely give you an earful.

But as your own boss, you’ll often find it harder to stay focused and maximize efficiency – by not wasting time. If you learn to manage your time on your own, without needing external influence to keep you on target, you have overcome a major obstacle on the path to success. That’s one of the other skills in time management.

There are many other tips to manage your time on this site. Take a look around, and even explore the set of Ming Vase Time Management guides which go deeper into specific aspects of developing skills in time management. You will learn more about the Time Management Tao system that is based upon learning how to

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