Remember The Big Picture

The Big Picture

I was distracted this morning by loud voices downstairs, and my niece’s wailing. It’s a near-daily event, culminating with the mad rush out the door for school.

It’s also foreign to our household, where even if there’s a buzz of activity as we get ready to leave, there’s no stress, rush or anxiety (well, at least not until the last ten minutes!)

We chat. We read. We check out Facebook or the online news. Joke. Share the dreams we had (funny, scary, or both!) Discuss plans for our day. Or other stuff.

What’s missing, generally, is haste, hurry or hustle.

The frenzy of frustration, however, is a flashback to my own school days.

If I was a few minutes late, I’d have to wait with other stragglers at the gate. Be sternly rebuked by the headmaster. Have an entry made in my diary. And often, I had to run 400 meters around the school ground in my heavy black leather boots.

To this day, though I’m reasonably punctual, I resent being forced to hurry anywhere to meet a schedule. And I still don’t own a pair of black leather shoes!

Looking back, all I can remember from those days is the gut-wrenching, nail-biting worry about whether or not I’d beat the bell.

Is it worth that mad rush – just to be “on time” for school or college or work?

Isn’t it sad when all that you can remember of 2,500 mornings of school is the rush to be “on time”?

If this is your life today, pause for a moment.

Remember the big picture.

As you live today, you’re creating memories for all your tomorrows.


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