The Incredible Power of Intention


On my way to a meeting, I stopped for a traffic light in front of the Govt. General Hospital.

Almost every day, as a medical student, I would walk this way from the bus stop to reach the out-patient department.

In my mind’s eye, I could see the 7-floor pink structure that used to be the old cardiology block, its foundation plaque bearing the name of the pioneer world-famous cardiologist Helen B.Taussig.

And suddenly, the words flashed into my mind once again: “One day, I’m going to be there!”

It’s what I would recite to myself, like a mantra, each day when I walked past that point.

That became a self-affirming statement that gave voice to my dream of becoming a heart surgeon.

Repeated regularly for three years, it gathered the force of a natural phenomenon – like a cyclone, or tsunami, or avalanche.

It became an all-conquering ambition which would brook no obstacle, paid no heed to any ‘logical’ objection.

“I’m going to be there!”

And after six years of preparation, I eventually was there – as a trainee in cardio-thoracic surgery.

That’s the power of intention.

The inevitable result of focus, determination and patience, melded into an action plan that’s backed with intense, impassioned effort – and that led to a dream coming true!

Anyone can tap into this energy. It’s inside every one of us.

As Napoleon Hill says,  “What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Keep dreaming. And make YOUR dreams come true – through the power of intention.

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