Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Personal Growth is a challenge because the Web makes us all feel like kids in a candy store!

All around us, distractions beckon, luring us away from important work.

There’s Twitter, Facebook and Gmail – and if I just hyperlinked those 3 words to their websites, chances are you’ll get sidetracked and never finish reading this!

  • So how can you retain focus?
  • How can you concentrate on the work you need to be doing, rather than scurry down the dozens of enticing rabbit holes that thrill and entertain, only to realize hours later that you’ve wasted precious time?
  • What can you do to blitz through our ever-growing to-do lists and catch up on backlogs of work?
  • Why should you practice discipline and acquire good habits that keep you on track to achieve your dreams?
  • How to beat procrastination, stop wasting time and get more things done – so that you’ll move relentlessly towards success?

There’s a simple answer to all these questions…

Make Your Work IMPORTANT.

  • Important enough to ignore other things.
  • Important enough to decide to finish it.
  • Important enough to say ‘No’ to anything else – until it’s done.

And this approach has a wonderful side-effect… you’ll start doing ONLY important things.

Which means you’ll stop doing irrelevant things. Things that don’t matter. Stuff that won’t take you closer to your major goals.

You do have goals, right? Right?

Don’t worry if you said “No, not yet” – because goal setting is an essential part of personal development and we’ll dive deep into the process of how to set and achieve your goals.

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So, How Do You Learn Self Development?

It’s simple.

And with practice, it’ll become easy.

But it takes some discipline.

You will not acquire that discipline overnight. You’ll have to work through a step by step process. And by breaking it down into manageable chunks, you’ll be able to manage it easily.

If you’re ready, let’s begin your personal growth journey with an overview of the 6 Pillars of Self Development.

Self Development Pillar #1 – How To Focus

You can’t accomplish much if you’re constantly distracted from your work and your goals. So the first thing to develop is your ability to focus better and concentrate on what you’re doing.

Self Development Pillar #2 – Set Great Goals

To get where you want to, you must first know what you want. And the exercise of goal setting helps you draw a road map to your chosen destination – in areas like finance, health, relationships and career.

Self Development Pillar #3 – Beat Procrastination

Once you have a plan, you’ve got to act on it. And the seductive lure of dreaming, postponing and lazing around is the biggest enemy at this stage. Once you learn how to avoid procrastinating, you’ll overcome inertia and get going.

Self Development Pillar #4 – Build Good Habits

The winning rituals that successful people all seem to have in common are the fruit of repeated practice that makes them a habit. Once you learn the secret of developing good habits and breaking bad ones, you’re halfway to your goal.

Self Development Pillar #5 – Make To Do Lists

Every plan or blueprint towards a goal has several steps along the way – and making up to do lists is a great way to ensure that every day, you’re making progress along that path.

Self Development Pillar #6 – Transform Yourself

With the basics in place, it’s time to transform yourself into a super-achiever who can accomplish anything. And you’ll be surprised at how simple, even easy, this can be – once you’ve learned the secrets of personal development and time management.


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