Once Upon A Life

‘Once Upon A Life’ is a collection of 12 cozy fireside short stories to warm your heart, thrill your imagination, and stir your soul.

Once Upon A Life

Grandma always grinned widely as we cried:

“Please tell us a story!”

Her toothless pink gums shone as bright as her twinkling eyes.

“Hmm… let me think,” she’d say. And frown in thought for a moment. Then, she’d begin – and time stood still.

“Once upon a time…”

Granny Tales

My happiest childhood memories are of sitting cross-legged on the floor, listening to grandma tell us stories about princes and kings, damsels in distress, hope and dreams, valor and courage.

Fairy tales from myths and history entertained and educated us, filling many a dull rainy afternoon with wonder and awe.

Short Stories Are Magical!

And so, years later, I’ve tried to recreate the mystique of granny’s storytelling – in a collection of my own short stories.

From the delighted feedback and comments that readers have shared, it looks like some of my ancestor’s narrative skills have rubbed off on me!

Anyway, you be the judge of that.


Once Upon a Life

12 Cozy Fireside Stories


Briefly, let’s look at the dozen short stories that make up this anthology.

1. What If
2. The Last Bastion
3. Debt of Love
4. Curse of Humanity
5. Destiny’s Arc
6. Who You Know
7. Get Out
8. Love of my Life
9. Maata Invocation
10. The Day Before After
11. Growing Up?
12. Deadly Deception

What Readers Are Saying…

“A beautifully written thoughtful, stirring, yet touching story all of us can relate to. Leaves the reader with something profound to think about. It’s a small book with a big message.”

Rosalyn Bronstein (Favorite story: ‘The Last Bastion‘)

“Brilliantly written. When you think the story is going to end, there is another facet to the story line. Makes one think of events from own lives.”

Vinod (Favorite story: ‘What If‘)

“The fast-paced writing made this an enjoyable read. And the meaning behind this short story is much more profound than I thought. Truly a thought-provoking piece. Highly recommended.”

Hao T Chow (Favorite story: ‘Curse of Humanity‘)

“Dr.Mani has an easy story telling style that effortlessly takes us though the book. Enjoyable quick read!”

Samantha (writing about ‘What If‘)

“Really enjoyed the story! Your writing made me think of this introduction to a short story book by Asimov.”

Te-ge Bramhall (Favorite story: ‘Deadly Deception‘)

“Excellent writing. The book is in a genre I normally wouldn’t read, but I’m glad I did.”

Britt Malka (writing about: ‘What If‘)

“Filled with beautiful emotions and it’s a touching story. The conversations draw the reader directly into the scenes as if it’s real. This is one story which can’t be forgotten!”

Priyaa Somu (Favorite story: ‘The Last Bastion‘)

“Gripping story. So many possibilities… which one really happened? Who will decide if what happened today was the best outcome?”

Arun Agarwal (Favorite story: ‘What If‘)

“Thought provoking, fascinating read and very insightful. It highlights the repercussions of the choices we make in life. I highly recommend this book. It will leave you questioning your own hopes and dreams.”

AnneMarie (Favorite story: ‘Curse of Humanity‘)

“I like this concept and how the writer uses it in an unique way to make people understand the validity of a minute, how it can change and affect our lives.”

Mumumn Rudra (writing about ‘What If‘)

“Intriguing story. An engaging, page turning read. The kind of story that plays tricks on your mind.”

Dr.Priya Mary Jacob (Favorite story: ‘What If‘)

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A Touch of Nostalgia


There are still times when I miss Grandma.

Times that I wish there was a way to turn back the clock, and go back to those innocent, playful days when we sat around her, listening to stories.

Once Upon A Life!

Those were the Good Old Days.

And this book is my small attempt to rekindle the magic all over again.

If you enjoy these classic short stories, please share them with your friends and family. Invite others to pick up a copy of ‘Once Upon a Life12 Cozy Fireside Stories’ too.

While you’re curled up under warm sheets, or sitting with a cup of your favorite beverage, enjoy these 12 short stories… and relish the thought that you’ve also helped save a child’s life!

Thank you from my heart.

All success,

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By buying the anthology of 12 short stories ‘Once Upon a Life – 12 Cozy Fireside Stories‘, you have helped make a difference to a child with congenital heart disease.

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Enjoy reading these short stories. And please share this page with a friend.

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Thanks for giving this a try.