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Buy a book, and you’ll help save a child’s life.

All books in the Heart Bookstore are special – because 25% to 50% of royalties are donated to sponsor treatment for under-privileged children with heart birth defects.

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Books By Dr.Mani


Personal Transformation & Productivity

  • Knife At A Gun Fight – The ridiculously simple yet wickedly effective system to build new habits that guarantee your success.
  • Goal Setting – A proven guide to set and achieve goals with a super-effective system based on 5 core principles of efficiency.
  • Transform-37 – A powerful system to develop better focus, set powerful goals and create an action plan to become more effective.

Self Development & Spirituality

  • 47 Hearts – Powerful, simple and effective secrets to success, designed to help you turn your dreams into reality.
  • The Emotion Prism – The quick and easy read that reveals the secret of how to be happy even when you’d rather be sad.


Content Marketing

  • Think, Write & Retire – A guide to create and sell information products, and turn what you already know into cash streams.


  • Heart, Guts & Steel – An intense, exciting account of the making of a surgeon. A must-read for everyone curious about surgery.


  • Words of Encouragement – Inspiring, comforting, motivational. Hand-picked essays to drive you to unimagined heights.
  • Lockdown Diary – A stellar compilation of insightful, empathic and confidence-building messages for a dark time of distress.


About Dr.Mani’s Writing:

Dr.Mani is a pediatric heart surgeon, author and social entrepreneur.  He writes and sells books to raise funds that sponsor life-saving treatment for under-privileged children born with congenital heart defects.

A share of his profits from all book sales go towards helping a child live.

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Dr.Mani’s efforts have funded heart surgery in 152 children until May 2020, with many more to follow. This was made possible by a network of fantastic people around the world who have bought, read and enjoyed his books.

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