Joy of a Good Short Story

Joy of Reading a Great Short Story

You devise reading strategies and start on a book.

Within a minute, you’re sucked in. Deep.

You engage with the hero; know his friends; appreciate his situation; relish his activities.

The story progresses. Gets tangled. Nears a crisis.

And you sit up straighter, breathe slower; deeper. Your universe narrows down to just the lines you’re reading.

You notice yourself going faster now.

Because you’re eager to know what happens next.

And then, you turn the page.

You read the next line. And tears spring to your eyes. Run down your cheek. Fall to the ground.

You go back and re-read the lines that made you cry.

This time, you smile through your tears. Punch the air with a closed fist. Because you’re right there with these characters you’ve grown to know and love – in just ten minutes.

A few more lines, and the tale winds to a close.

You sit back and pause, lost in thought.

About the story.

About the author.

About yourself.

After a while, you get on with your life.

But you know you’ve just read an AMAZING short story!

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