It Was An Eye-Opener

Mission and Blessings
I’m going to tell you a story. This story has nothing to do with writing books or selling them – except very marginally.

It is about being an infopreneur. It is about touching lives. It is about changing the world. And finding your 1000 true fans.

It begins when I started implementing a promotion plan for a digital course for writers.

I was excited when one famous guru, with a reputation for quality and excellence (and a large list of prospective buyers!), agreed to review the course with a view to promoting it to his list.

For six weeks, I retained a cautious optimism – not really pinning all hopes on this happening, but dreaming about how nice it would be if it did.

Until a few days earlier.

That’s when the dream was shattered.

It hurt – a bit. Castles in the air came tumbling down.

– – –

Now, let me shift scenes… like a good story-teller.

Over the last 6 years, I have bought many expensive courses. One is about business strategy, from a true master of the art – Jay Abraham. Another is about creating and selling information products, by a best-selling author. And one is a program teaching how to sell expensive products and services online.

I also ordered a home-study version of Mark Victor Hansen’s ‘Book Marketing Mega’ – and paid less than 10% for it than these other courses.

As I’m going through the material, all of it top quality content, one thing sticks out like a sore thumb.

The ‘business coaching’ style of infopreneuring includes expensive content that is more ‘nuts and bolts’ stuff. It works. It’s like an instruction manual.

But what I’m gaining from the ‘Book Marketing Mega’ event goes deeper – far deeper. It touches my heart. It inspires me to aspire for great things.

It showcases the POWER of an infopreneur.

(It also costs 10 times LESS!)

– – –

And now, let’s turn back to the present.

Remember, I’m hurting from the ‘rejection’ of a ‘big name’ marketer.

So, I’m driving my car, and listening to one of the lectures in Mark Victor Hansen’s course – and hear these words:

“Lance Armstrong was right. It’s NOT about the bike.”

(It was a reference to the best-selling book by Lance Armstrong, 7 time winner of the grueling ‘Tour de France’ cycling challenge… read it if you haven’t – and the sequel)

He went on:

“It’s NOT about the book.

It’s NOT about the deal.

It’s NOT about the ‘Show me the money’.

It’s about…

T H E     .    M I S S I O N

Your Mission.”

The speaker was abused as a child. Badly. Yet, he says he is one of the most blessed people on earth. He says God has been kind to him.

And he asks:

“What will you do with your blessings?”

Because that’s what is important.

The Mission.

Your Blessings.

Put them together, align them behind a worthy cause, and you are guaranteed to succeed. In time.

In an instant, my mood changed – from ‘gloom and doom’ to a completely opposite one of optimism, possibility and enthusiasm.

I still have my mission.

It’s NOT about the deal that didn’t happen.

It’s about taking all my BLESSINGS and making them work to achieve my MISSION.

Before getting on with my work, and revising my promotion plan in the light of that minor setback, I wanted to write and share this with you.

To show you the POWER of being a writer.

To prove you can reach out and touch lives.

To convince you it is a NOBLE calling.

Yes, you can get rich doing it too.

But that isn’t the most important thing.

Then what is?

It’s the MISSION.

Your mission.

It’s your BLESSINGS.

And using them wisely.

Who was the speaker who shared those powerful insights about ‘Missions’ and ‘Blessings’?

The name is one that’s familiar to MILLIONS of Americans, and others too. It is DAVE PELZER. A survivor of childhood abuse, this author and activist is an inspiration to those who have been victimized.

The story of how he rose to fly an F117 Stealth Fighter, and received personal commendations from 5 U.S. Presidents and innumerable accolades including the
TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans) award, is on his website at

Read it. Get inspired. Follow your dreams.

May success and rich rewards be yours – ALWAYS.

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  • Elmer Hurlstone
    Jul 9,2007 at 2:29 pm

    Hi Doc,
    I was in major need of inspiration this morning. Thanks for the post.
    It’s often the “little things” that make a difference.

    Elmer Hurlstone

  • Jul 9,2007 at 12:10 pm

    You are right Dr. Mani. I have learnt one thing in the last few months. When you are trying to earn some money (or lots of money), you do not earn money (or least so much money).

    When you are trying to accompalish a mission, you do much better. I believe the motivation changes when you stop thinking about earning money and suddenly you are achieving more.

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