If they tell you…

Trust but Verify

Last week, just as has happened many times in the past, I saw someone say this on a forum discussion:

“XYZ pulled in $1.3 million from {Product Name} launch alone”

… and my instinctive reaction is:

“Yeah? And you know that because:

a. He showed you the wads of cash lying around his house
b. His income tax returns filed with the IRS revealed that data
c. You saw his bank statement, or viewed his account details

Or is it because:

a. You were gullible enough to believe everything you hear
b. You are used to trusting someone’s word based on no evidence
c. You had an expert influence you with wickedly powerful tactics

Over the years, I have heard sad stories of so many people who were scammed out of their hard-earned money. Valuable lessons learned in life.

And the saddest part is that it could have been avoided by following a simple, three-word mantra:

“Trust, but VERIFY!”

If they tell you they’re making thousands of sales, and pulling in millions of dollars, watch if everything else they say and do is consistent with that.

If they tell you they have a decade of experience or more, see if what they teach you suggests those years have taught them valuable lessons.

If they tell you about their vast network, great systems, or large staff, ask yourself if the way they deal with you reflects it.

And whenever there is lack of congruence, watch out!

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