How I See Life

Ripple of Consciousness


Imagine a vast sea or huge lake. Still, quiet waters. Unimaginable depths.

Now and again, tiny ripples appear on the surface. Or a disruption creates a small splash.

That’s us. The temporary disturbance in the permanent, everlasting stillness of a collective consciousness.


Take a lump of clay and create a cup; or heat sand to make a glass container; or use a potter’s wheel to craft a vessel… fill it with water from the vast sea, the huge lake.

That mold is the human form, coming into existence. A creation of the egoic mind. With all it’s suffering and sin, excitement, ecstasy and energy, desperation and despair.


An incredibly powerful generator has a cluster of innumerable wires leading out from it. They are invisible, though. Each is attached, at the other end, to one of the ‘vessels’.

That’s the ‘eternal soul’ powering the physical form. It’s connected to all things – not just living, but all forms of matter. And on the other end, it’s all coming from that collective pool of consciousness.

Everything has a soul. The same soul. Yes, yours and mine!


The cord snaps. The thread breaks. The wire is disconnected.

Soul returns to the ocean whence it came. Physical form slowly fades away – or vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving behind memories.

The cycle ends. The circuit is completed. The ripple stills.

The splash dissolves into the same waters that created it.

Only Being remains.

It always will.

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