Hit Pause

Hit Pause
This evening, I was stuck in my car – in the rain.

It was a sudden, heavy downpour. My wife was buying groceries. I waited in the street, gazing in silent awe at the force of Nature.

At the rivulets of rainwater trickling down the windshield. At the huge trees swaying dangerously, buffetted by heavy winds. At the pitter-patter of large raindrops that beat a tattoo on the roof, sounding like distant machine-gun fire (or an evening on Diwali).

Kids in bright colored uniforms dallied in the rain, splashing through puddles – while automobiles raced by, their drivers in a rush.

The headlight beams from oncoming vehicles sparkled like glittering diamonds on my windows. Then, they faded away, to be replaced by the ruby red glimmer cast by the tail-lights of traffic going the other way.

I opened my window a bit, to let in a fresh, cool gust of air. Breathed deeply. And I felt happy. Carefree. Grateful.

The entire experience lasted around ten minutes.

My wife hurried back to the car, her shopping done. I drove through wet, slippery roads, back home to work. But this post kept nagging at my mind.

So I’m writing it. Because there is a message – one I realized as I enjoyed the thunder-storm while parked in my automobile.

Why do the school kids play in the rainbut adults hurry through it?

In an adult world that whizzes past ever faster, ever busier, ever more cluttered… all we try to do is rush through it, to stay ahead.

Why don’t we choose more often to NOT hit fast-forward on the movie that’s our life – and instead…


Sit still.





Watch a rainstorm. Smell a rose. See children at play.

Smile at strangers who pass us by.

Do it for just ten minutes. And then, plunge headlong back into the hustle and bustle of our busy lives again. But now, with a smile on our face and memories of living… not just existing.

Try it today.

Hit Pause.


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