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Finding It Difficult Getting Things Done? These Tips Will Help You

Getting Things Done, also known as GTD is a methodology designed for people who want to organize their scattered schedule and manage time better. It was formulated by productivity consultant David Allen who penned down the entire concept in a book which is now also available in the form of apps.

What the GTD method basically does is moves out planned projects and tasks from your mind so that they can be recorded externally and broken down into actionable tasks. GTD helps one understand how to focus on completing work instead of investing time in recalling all the work that has to be completed.

How does GTD work?

When you have to manage time, the priority of different tasks plays a very important role. Allen made use of two elements, namely control and perspective to formulate the idea of Getting Things Done. According to him, a work flow process must control the commitments and tasks that one has to complete within a stipulated period of time.

To explain this, the author draws a parallel between an airplane taking off and six levels of focus. The six levels are known as runway, 10,000 feet level, 20,000 feet level, 30,000 feet level, 40,000 feet level and 50,000 feet level.

As opposed to other theories that focus on setting goals top-down, Getting Things Done follows a different approach. According to this methodology, people find it difficult to focus on long-term goals if they do not have control over everyday activities.

As and when one makes progress with daily chores, he develops a system that clarifies and defines long-term success and allows him to move on to the next level of focus. If you sign up for the GTD methodology, you will be reviewed weekly and this reviewing will not only help you gain perspective but also aid you in prioritizing your work.

GTD enables one to store, track and retrieve all information related to a list of work that needs to be completed. With the help of a calendar that keeps track of all commitments and a reference material system that classifies and lists all the work that needs to be completed, one can easily manage time, complete tasks and meet deadlines.

Is GTD effective?

As soon as Getting Things Done was released, it found a cult following and grew rather popular. The internet and some television shows have contributed significantly to the growing popularity of this info-age methodology. This self-help business book has proven to satisfy most users who believe that Allen’s ideas have not only helped to bring order in their universe but also changed their lives for the better.

The book’s contents are now available in the form of different apps and is thus more easily accessible to users. A number of software applications including Binfire, Organize Pro, Priority Matrix, Todolist and MyLifeOrganized have been designed on the same principles of Getting Things Done.

So if you have had trouble getting your life in order, completing designated tasks and matching deadlines, maybe it is time for you to consider seeking some guidance from this proven time-management and organizational methodology called GTD.

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Getting Things Done Software

Getting Things Done Software – An overview

Getting Things Done software embodies a highly efficient method and simple step-by-step guide that helps users to achieve a relaxed yet productive state of mind. Authored by David Allen, this organizational methodology was initially available in the form of a book though today several apps have incorporated the idea so that you can benefit from it more easily on the go. The software primarily includes four things:

  • Capturing all things that have your attention
  • Defining actionable things and formulating the next steps
  • Organizing information and reminders in a streamlined manner that keeps a tab on how and when you need to access them
  • Receiving regular reviews on all six horizons of your commitments – vision, purpose, goals, areas that require focus, project and actions

The different apps based on the Getting Things Done software can help one to feel overwhelmed, instill confidence and produce a lot of creative energy. The structure it provides without any constraint allows a person to organize his life better, match all deadlines and never miss a single reminder.


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How does one get started with GTD?

When getting started with the Getting Things Done software, most people have a tough time processing all their unseen papers and reading all their unread mails or messages. Once you dedicate enough time in sorting out the different documents and tasks, you will have to prepare your lists and set up a filing system. According to Allen, if you are looking to get done with all this preliminary work at the earliest, two to three days should suffice to get everything in order.

True that this may sound like a big commitment but the methodology that follows is totally worth it. One cannot begin to imagine how great it feels to get everything cleared and organized so that his life has a much improved structure. Let’s take a look at some of steps that you can follow to get started.

  • Process all the papers in your desk and go through your inbox thoroughly
  • Capture all the ideas and tasks in a notebook or even on a mobile device
  • Set up an easy reference filing system
  • Create lists for all your planned action
  • Use a calendar or a tickler file that will remind you of future appointments and tasks
  • Review yourself weekly to ensure that the system is in place

What tools does one need to get started?

In order to use the Getting Things Done software successfully, a basic setup including a notebook, pen, filing drawer, inbox, folders and labels should suffice. However if you like to try out high-end setups, you can also arrange for a mobile device like PDA, an electronic labeller, a calendar program, a tickler file and index cards.

Whether you want to go high-tech or remain low-tech is completely up to you and in the start you might not be lucky enough to find the tool that suits you best. Feel free to experiment and don’t waste your time over any one app if it doesn’t impress you instantaneously. There are plenty others that use the same Getting Things Done software. The lesser time you waste on one, the more time you will have to find a better app.

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Getting Things Done App

Benefits of the Getting Things Done App

Getting Things Done is a personal organization method devised by David Allen who wrote the book based on his experience of twenty years in training executives to deal with all their responsibilities without missing a single deadline. You can avail of the book which is also available in an app format if you need help with completing all your work within a stipulated time-frame.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the Getting Things Done app.

Bid goodbye to stress

This is the most significant advantage of owning the Getting Things Done app. Poor self organization can cause stress and anxiety. This app not only tells you how to organize your tasks but the principles it operates on also helps you to maintain your calm while meeting all your professional and personal challenges.

Define what is important

By throwing light over your work ethics, the app offers a vertical perspective on your daily work. You can determine what is important and what is not and it automatically becomes easier to complete all your work.

Use time judiciously

It is not healthy for you to invest all your time in work only. It is important that you distribute it fairly between friends, family and hobbies as well. The Getting Things Done app helps you distinguish between your personal life and your professional life and with its help you can maintain a healthy balance between both.

Focus better

Like the book, the app too helps to free your mind of all distractions. If there are irrelevant or superficial thoughts that clog your mind and keep it from focusing on the work that must be completed, this app will help you to eliminate those thought and regain focus.

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Freedom of choice

Though the Getting Things Done app offers you a guideline that can improve your organizational skills, it does not impose anything on you. You still have the freedom of choice and you can choose to follow the suggestions you like while you can easily leave out the ones that don’t appeal to you. Though, the best results will show only if you follow the app to the t.

See an improvement in your relationships

With the help of this app, you will be able to meet all your commitments, including the ones that are personal. Never again will you forget something you must remember – like a special occasion, thoughtful surprises and the like.

Better organization

This one of a kind app offers you a calendar that marks all your commitments and a reference material system that classifies and lists pending projects as well as those that have been completed. Use this to feel gratified about meeting all your deadlines and accomplishing all your goals.

Let your creativity soar

You mind’s ability to create finds a hindrance in its inability to organize itself. With the help of the Getting Things Done app, you will be able to rid your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts that stem from poor organizational skills and be able to focus on a creative hobby much better!

Enhance your productivity

When you reap all of the above benefits from this phenomenal app, your productivity automatically improves. If you have had trouble organizing your day and completing pending tasks, it is a good idea to sign up for this personal organization method that will enhance your productivity within a few days.

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