Make Exercise & Eating Right A Habit

Eat Right

Making a daily habit of exercise can create happiness.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins or the feel good hormones that can lift your mood. When you exercise every day – even if it’s just going for a walk around the block at work or at home – you help improve the way your organs can do their jobs.

You make it easier for them to function. You also create more mental alertness in your brain when you exercise, because you increase the way that your organs can get the oxygen that they need.

Not getting enough oxygen can negatively affect your organs – and that includes your brain. Without the right amount of oxygen, it can impair your ability to think and to work through ideas, to attain goals and to get done what you want to get done each day.

When you exercise, you create a way for your whole body to benefit – and this produces a sense of happiness. I recently posted a detailed blog about how to stay fit, outlining my daily exercise routine.

Initially, it was difficult to sustain the daily schedule – but by sticking with it, I’ve made it a new habit. And that helps enjoy the diverse benefits of exercise. You, too, can make it a new habit if you learn the ‘secrets’ revealed in my new book, “Knife At a Gunfight”. Pick up a copy here: click.

If you eat right, it can also go a long way toward creating happiness and success in your life.

When you eat the wrong kinds of food, it will have an impact on how you feel physically and mentally.

For example, there are certain foods that zap your energy. When you eat them, you feel sluggish after your energy levels crash. If you eat a lot of foods with a high glycemic index, you’ll experience fatigue. This will affect your performance because you feel tired, which makes it harder for you to concentrate.

Fatty foods, sugary foods and high carb foods should be eaten in moderation. Think of food as your body’s fuel to propel you through the day where you can get the most done on your task list.

Sometime ago, I published a detailed blog post titled ‘What Do You Eat?’ to highlight my typical diet and included recommendations on the healthiest kinds of food to include in your meals and snacks.

It’s hard to establish a habit of eating healthy, unless you know all about your internal Resistance and how to use your Willpower to overcome it effectively. This is what I explain in detail in my book, “Knife At A Gun Fight” which is about how to build new habits that last a lifetime.

You can download a copy here and get started right away – click.

If you want to get things done efficiently, this book will transform your life and make you more productive… in 5 easy steps!

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