Evoking Scarcity

What if things we don’t really lack today were actually scarce?

Like Print

In the olden days, paper was rare and expensive. Scribes spent all day writing only a few WORDS. Today, it costs nothing to publish a full book – and you can do it in less time.

What if print were scarce? What if you could only tweet once a day on Twitter? What if you could post only one blog every week?

What would you write about?

Like Money

When I landed in London, the prices shocked me. One pound sterling was the equivalent of SEVENTY Indian rupees. The cost of cappuchino at Starbucks would have bought me a buffet lunch at a fancy restaurant – or fed 20 children for a day.

What if cash got scarce? What if money had less value? What if you had only 5% of your current cash flow coming in?

What would you buy? What would you not?

Like Food

Before the Green Revolution, many parts of the world had severe famine and drought frequently. Some still do. Today, 1.02 BILLION people suffer chronic hunger!

What if food suddenly became scarce? What if you could eat only one meal a day?

What would you eat? Junk food?

Like Relationships

We take many relationships for granted. Spouses and kids. Parents and friends. We assume they’ll always be around.

What if they won’t? What if they die, leave, or just ignored you completely? What if you could only have 5 ‘followers’ on Twitter, or 10 ‘friends’ on Facebook?

Who would they be? What would you do with them? For them?

Let’s Evoke Scarcity

Evoking scarcity, imagining a world “without”, can be enormously instructive in a routine replete with options where we are spoiled for choice.

Yet, the really valuable things still ARE scarce.

Time is scarce. We all have only 24 hours in a day. And we are pulled in many directions, tempted by many distractions.

And so…

Attention is scarce. It will go only where it deserves to. To special people, meaningful activities, remarkable ventures.

Do you fit that bill?

What can you do to?

When will you start?

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  • Nov 29,2009 at 9:43 am

    A paradigm shift – incredible!

    Beautiful thoughts for action – for the times too.

    Choices -never sought, appears now.

    Thank heavens, for the faculty of evoking.


    What happiness to a father, when the ten year old daughter

    grasps the message?

    But, are we all getting it – the way it was intended to be.

  • Nov 29,2009 at 1:16 am

    very good!!!!!!

    [This was my daughter’s comment – Editor]

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