Everything Should Work – But Does It?

Everything works

This could easily be a post about ‘testing’. It isn’t.

It’s about expectations. Or even about how much we tend to take for granted.

Like traffic stopping at a red light.

Here’s a little story.

Many evenings, my daughter and I go out for a long walk. We chat about different things. Maybe she learns a bit from me. I know I learn a LOT from her. But that’s another discussion.

In the course of our rambles, we reach a busy intersection. There’s a traffic light, with a signal for pedestrians – you know, the stick-man in a stride, flashing green – indicating when it’s safe for you to walk across the road.

Except it isn’t.

At least not where I live! Indeed, it’s often safer to cross when the light is RED.

And as I was explaining this to my little girl the first time we crossed ‘Indian-style’, it struck me how weird this must seem… but only because we expect certain things to happen – and then take them for granted.

Vehicles SHOULD stop at traffic lights. But if you’re driving a car in India and speeding up to beat the changing signal, you dare not slow down if it changes red… because your risk of being rammed from behind by the car following you is GREATER than the chance of being hit by another from in front!

When you pay $100 to have a course packed and shipped to a customer through USPS, it SHOULD be delivered. But on at least 5 occasions in the last 2 months, my packages vanished into thin air – and no one can explain why!

If someone accepts your outsourcing contract to get a project done and delivered on a deadline, it SHOULD get finished. Yet time after time, I struggled with this process failing – and even abandoned 2 potentially profitable ideas – until deciding it was easier and cheaper to do it myself!

Even banking isn’t failsafe. I’ve had a high value check deposited into the wrong account – and only vigilant follow-up revealed the fact in time to fix the mess-up!

Maybe that’s why I no longer fret and fume at a speeding car swerving to miss us as we scoot across the street – when the light is green.

I’ve accepted the reality that some things that SHOULD happen often WILL NOT.

Not doing so would cause endless frustration and angst.

How about you? Are you ‘philosophical’ when things go wrong? Or do you ‘get your panties in a bunch’?  🙂

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