What’s The Most Effective Time Management Skill

The most effective time management skill is one which can transform your level of success, skyrocket your productivity and turn you into a hyper-efficient worker. And there’s just one skill that fits the bill. It’s called delegating work you’re not excellent at doing.


Here’s a great time management tip. Find the areas you are indispensible – and spend more time on them.

Many people – professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and other workers – have the same flawed way of thinking. They want to do it all by themselves. They are convinced in their minds that they can do it best, and that no one else can do it as well.

This makes them nervous about letting others handle it. That’s a silly way to run a professional practice, a business – or your life. Unless you are perfectly happy being a slave to your work. If you’re not, then it’s time to learn and practice the most effective time management skill.

Focus on your strengths, delegate your weaknesses.

Your success as an entrepreneur hinges on your ability to correctly define your areas of weakness – and surround yourself with others who are strong in these areas.

Let’s say you are a creative genius with excellent marketing skills – but you suck at math or accounting. Have a strong finance person manage your accounts and enjoy 2 big advantages:

  • you get top quality expertise in your weak zones
  • you get more time to concentrate on your strong spots

Of many skills and values you bring to the table – at work, at home, in your business, in your life, anywhere – there are some that are uniquely yours. No one else can match you. You simply are best at it – and others are not. Those are areas you should focus on.


But there are also many parts of your work that anyone (or at least someone) can do equally well, if not better than you. Those are areas where you must practice the most effective time management skill.

Identify these things. Then STOP doing them yourself. Delegate these tasks to others – leaving you with more time to focus on the critical parts you do best.

  • Do you think your business will grow faster this way?
  • Can you see your life getting better following this prescription?
  • Do you think you’ll have more spare time and less stress?

The key here is in defining what your areas of weakness are – and that isn’t always easy. The next thing is to identify competent people to fortify these chinks in your armor. But those can be learned and practiced once you believe that it’s the most effective time management skill that will multiply your impact and turbocharge your efficiency.

Delegating work to the person or resource best capable of handling it is one of the 3 tenets of the Time Management Tao system which is based on learning how to

There are many other ways you can enhance your ability to manage time, and you’ll learn them on other sections of this site and in the Ming Vase Time Management guides. To stay updated about new information and time managing tips, you can subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter, “Time Taozine“.

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