Dr.Mani has published dozens of ebooks over the years.

Here are some of the best in the categories of “Business and Marketing“, “Self Development” and “Inspiration and Motivation“.

Dr.Mani writes and sells books to raise funds that sponsor life-saving treatment for under-privileged children born with congenital heart defects. A share of his profits from all book sales go towards helping a child live. Please help by telling your friends about this page and invite them to buy a few books.


Think, Write & Retire
How to build a profitable online business – and turn what you already know into cash in the bank, quickly & easily.

$100 a Day Blueprint
How to make $100 a day? Let’s address the challenge that every infopreneur seeks to conquer.

Ezine ANTI Marketing
Avoid these 3 serious list building mistakes – and learn all about really profitable ezine marketing that involves doing things differently.

Which Niche Will Make You Rich?
It’s the information marketing quicksand that sinks many entrepreneur hopes – but you’ll never fall prey to it once you know how to pick the right niche.

Rich Niche Blogging
5 effective ways to build your authority blog – and attract a horde of visitors like a magnet draws steel!


Knife At A Gun Fight
It’s 5 little books – in ONE! Learn how to focus, beat procrastination, get more done, blitz through your to-do list and gain good habits that boost your productivity. Build a NEW life, in 5 easy steps!

How To Focus
A simple guide to set goals, beat procrastination and get things done quickly and efficiently. Learn how to tune out distractions, achieve more, and enjoy deeper satisfaction – with lower stress and zero frustration

How To Be Rich
Learn how to be rich by following five simple principles, and gain financial freedom that allows you to pursue your dreams.

Goal Setting
How to achieve anything you want – faster than you ever thought possible. A guide for everybody with a dream, this book reveals the secret of how to set goals effectively, step-by-step and day-by-day.

I Waste So Much Time
Never say “I waste so much time” any more! Discover how to finish tasks in a systematic fashion and overcome procrastination to take prompt action. Coast along smoothly and finish strong.


The Icedrop
A delightful novel in the footsteps of Jonathan Seagull. Freed from a glacier he’s been trapped inside for years, little Adrian Icedrop is inspired by a mentor to pursue his dream… and learns about how to live out his destiny.

47 Hearts
It’s a book about dreams. It is a story of passion, a tale of purpose, a saga of persistence. It is about how you, too, can turn a life of meaningless meandering into one of purposeful passion – and see all your dreams come true!

The Emotion Prism
Discover 3 amazing secrets to inner peace and true happiness. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily create a new life – one that’s filled with love, peace and happiness!

Words of Encouragement
A hand-picked compilation of messages on living your passionate purpose. They will comfort and encourage you. Inspire and motivate you. Lend you perspective and direction. And help you feel vibrantly alive!

Why You Should Care
A case for ethical, heart centered marketing in a harsh, selfish, wallet-centric ecosystem!

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