Do You Listen?

Do you listen to Nature? Often?

When was the last time you paused to listen as a bird tweeted, or to the soft ripple of a brook, or the rustle of the evening breeze through leaves, or just the whoosh of a sudden gust of wind?

If it was too long ago, think about this –

You’re not ‘living’… you’re just waiting to die!

Stop. Hit pause. Listen.

And enjoy what you hear.

It’s priceless… yet free!


What brought this on?

I woke up early this morning.  As I read email and browsed forums, I heard our daily visitor, a little friend who drops by every morning, go “Tu-wheet, tu-wheet” in the lemon tree in our backyard.

Dropping everything, I rushed to the window, and spent a few minutes enjoying her little song and watching the little busybody flit from one branch to the other.

And in those quiet moments, I felt fully alive!

Wouldn’t you? Try it.

tailor bird

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