Cause – Or Accident?

Cause and Effect - Destiny

Connections? Linkage? Who can tell?

This happened years ago.

I posted a tweet. Jeanette saw it. Acted. Went to Haiti. Met Elaine. Now, they’re great friends.

Connections happened.

Jeanette Joy posted about it.

But how much of it was causal?

What if… ?

What if I hadn’t tweeted about Frank’s Caring House project?
What if Jeanette and I weren’t connected on Twitter?
What if she hadn’t seen my tweet (she has over 100k followers)?


What if she hadn’t taken action on it?
What if she hadn’t gone to Haiti?
What if the circumstances that brought Elaine there hadn’t happened?

And finally…

What if they both were different kinds of people?

What If… ?

Would this connection have developed anyway?

I’ve asked myself this kind of question for years, mostly in context of my work as a heart surgeon for children.

How much of what we do is causal in determining outcomes?

How much is sheer accident?

How much is part of an intricately woven, enormously complex whole?

P.S. –

I explored this question, “What If?”, in a short story. You may enjoy it. Read it here: click

What If

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