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Info-Product Creation – An Interview

For over a decade I’ve known Jason Fladlein, an incredible information marketing expert, who runs a thriving online business creating and selling infoproducts. Once upon a long time ago, in preparation for one of his many product launches, Jason invited me to participate in an interview. It was about how I built my infoproducts business, […]

9 Ideas To Automate Your Website Feedback

Just imagine if you could automate the way you handle feedback from visitors to your website. The only way you can make enough time for developing and promoting your website is by streamlining the way you handle feedback – by automating it to the max. The Webmaster’s daily prayer goes somewhat like this: “God, please […]

How To Improve Your Website Navigation

“The foundation of almost all good information architectures is a well-designed hierarchy.” Anger. Confusion. Frustration. These are the emotions of a Web surfer lost in cyberspace. In the murky, uncharted gloom of a poorly created Website. Not one of yours, I hope! While it may be true that Content is King on the Web, your […]

11 Powerful Tips To Redesign Your Website

11 Critical Things You Must Know Before Redesigning Your Website The only constant is CHANGE. At least as far as your Website is concerned. Some sites – like waves in an ocean – change many times every hour. A few change – like the tides – once or twice in a day. And many remain […]

What Do Your People Want?

I wrote and published my first ebook way back in 1997. It was for a very small and specialized niche. Since then, that little ebook has sold over SEVEN HUNDRED copies. Even today, it sells a few every month – with no effort at all. That didn’t happen because I was smart – but because […]

16 Steps To Build An Info-Products Business

Building an information products business is easy. Building a profitable, successful, steadily growing information products business is hard. That’s just how things are. If they were any different, we’d all own cash-cow infoproduct empires. To be perfectly fair, there are dozens of different ways to build an information products business. There are hundreds of ‘gurus’ […]

How To Launch A Product Online

Looking for the ULTIMATE product launch formula?  The quickest, easiest way to launch a product and ramp up sales is to… identify what your audience wants badly create a fantastic product that fills that need tease them about its arrival – for a long time build a list of curious, eager and excited prospects ramp […]

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