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In a hurry

Alway in a hurry. That sums up today’s typical youngster. In a hurry to enter a study program or course. Then, to acquire a degree. Afterwards, to find a lucrative job or build a busy practice. Get famous. And rich. All in a hurry. Yet ‘time’ is a strange concept. It moves at its own […]

4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Time Management Skills

At a recent college reunion, twenty-five years after we first entered college, I met many old classmates and re-learned one important lesson. Being Time Efficient Is HIGHLY Profitable! One theme kept popping up over and over again in our conversations. “Our kids rarely get to see their dad, he’s so busy!” “I go to work […]

9 Secret Keys To Success In 2018 – And Beyond

Easy Ways To Transform Your Life And Rocket To Success . Over the years, I have written over 3 million words. (How? I’ll tell you soon in ‘Intentional Practice’) Some of it has been blunt, direct, hard-hitting prose. Some has been ornate, stylish poetic writing. Either style works for getting people to read and take […]

3 Easy Steps To Your Successful 2019

A Simple Approach To Transform Yourself In The Coming New Year   It’s that time of the year when you look back at how far you’ve come, how much you’ve achieved… and heave a sigh of regret! 93% of those surveyed about accomplishments in business and life over the course of last year said that […]

Time Management – Do You Know Where Your Time Goes?

A few months ago, I downloaded a tiny time management application that runs on my desktop computer where I work online. It runs in the background, unobtrusively. I don’t even notice it. Once every week, I receive an email in which there’s a summary time management report – about how I spend my online time. […]

This Time Management Exercise Will Enhance Productivity

A time management exercise that makes you more efficient and productive does not have to be elaborate or complex. It can be as simple as being sure to think out all steps in the process – and plan them out. One of the most critical ways thinking about time management has grown over the years […]

4 Time Management Strategies That Actually Work

  Easy, Powerful Principles To Boost Effectiveness For Students & Working People – Instantly   Time management strategies are necessary to improve your effectiveness at study or work. By learning how to implement a 4-part strategy to managing your time, you will miraculously find 3 extra hours or more in your over-crowded day, and stay […]

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