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How Much Do You Really NEED?

  In the aftermath of a crisis – like an extended lockdown and quarantine – it’s easy to get disheartened and depressed. About the lack of things that once filled our lives.

Monsters In The Mirror

Not all serious problems are dramatic. Even deadly ones are often silent. Like a drop of blood in spit while brushing. Like a momentary fumble with a plate or cup. Like the futile grasp to remember a name or face. They could be early warning signs of a blood cancer; of an impending stroke; or […]

On Hooker Valley Track To Aoraki Mount Cook New Zealand

“It’ll take around three hours!” said our tour guide. Anticipating an easy amble to the foothills of Mount Cook, we set out on the popular Hooker Valley Track, four middle-aged folks with an average age of 51 years. I volunteered to be ‘pack mule‘ for the group, lugging along a bag with 4 liters of […]

Build It Up

Exactly 48 hours ago, there was a house in this spot across the road. It took nearly 6 months to build. And for over 35 years, it sheltered many families. Children were born in it, and grew up. Married. Had kids of their own. People grew up in it, and grew old. Retired. Got sick […]

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