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BOOK REVIEW: UNBROKEN – The Next ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’

In similar vein as Victor Frankl’s paradigm shifting book, “Unbroken” is a fascinating and mind-bending narrative that will change the way you think about everything – forever. It’s a tale of unbridled optimism, unshakeable belief, and remarkable courage. A ground-breaking work along the lines of ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. It is the life story of […]

Why You Should Care

A Case For Ethical, ‘Heart Centered’ Marketing In A Harsh, Selfish, Wallet-Centric Ecosystem! How to set yourself apart from the crowds? How to differentiate your marketing from the competition? How to win the hearts and loyalty of your audience? The answers, strangely enough, lie entirely within YOU. This short report is a heart-felt argument for […]

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