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Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review (ASM 11 Review)

Have you been thinking about joining the Amazing Selling Machine 11 (ASM 11) course? Make sure you address these THREE important questions before even reading another Amazing Selling Machine 11 review! Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review 2019 (ASM 11 Review) Listen, this may not be like any other Amazing Selling Machine 11 review you’ve seen […]

Book Review: In Search of Heer – by Manjul Bajaj

Only few writers consistently manage to sneak past my ‘defences’ to impact me viscerally. One of them wrote the book I’ve just finished, “In Search of Heer“. “As I began to play, I was unable to speak of God at first. My flute, its heart full of hunger pangs, cold floors, the sorrow of leaving […]

Book Review : The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

I’ve found my ‘Book of the Year‘ It may seem premature to declare it as early as July, especially given the stellar line up of titles on my ‘to read‘ list. But I think this won’t change by December (or even beyond) – because of just how brilliant Alex Michaelides‘ debut novel “The Silent Patient” […]

Book Review: The Lost Decade by Puja Mehra

I enjoy reading books that describe the arc of events and developments over a time frame. It may span centuries. Or shorter periods that are more intense and eventful… like Puja Mehra’s “The Lost Decade 2008-2018 – How India’s Growth Story Devolved Into Growth Without A Story“. Full book review – The Lost Decade Read […]

Books That Make You Think

Over the years, I’ve read thousands of books. Some shaped my thoughts and views, opinions and feelings – including novels like Margaret Mitchell‘s ‘Gone With The Wind‘ And Mario Puzo‘s ‘The Godfather‘ which made a huge impact. For decades, I could quote even lengthy passages verbatim from the book.   “Every man has but one […]

Book Review: Ponniyin Selvan

Slowly – very slowly – I’m coming out from under the ether. After 10 magical days. Where was I? Transported into the past, a thousand years back. To the glamorous, glorious Chola period of Thamizhagam, in a narrative about the prince popularly known as ‘Ponniyin Selvan’. And so, I missed writing deadlines. Set my book […]

Book Review – The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

I’ve enjoyed books like Martin Gilbert’s “History of the Twentieth Century” and J.M.Robert’s “History of Europe“. Both of these classics portray a conventional account of how Europe evolved over centuries. In all of these narratives, the Byzantine empire and Constantinople seemed to me, somehow, to be kept peripheral. At the edge of the canvas. Being […]

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