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Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement

How to live your passionate purpose. "Words of Encouragement" has some precious lessons for you.

It's a hand-picked compilation of the most popular & powerful messages about living your passionate purpose.


"Control is an illusion. Happiness is a choice. Security is a myth. Live your life - today."


More about this book

Over ten years, I have written over 150,000 words in 350+ blog posts.

After sifting and sorting through all this content, I compiled the best pieces into a collection of just twenty popular and powerful posts


Some posts are over 2,000 words long. Others are barely 50. All reflect the essence of this message -

"Live Your Passionate Purpose"

Here's what you'll find in this "WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT" collection:

  • 3 precious lessons I wish someone had taught me while growing up - but am delighted to have learned now
  • Why it's so important to get really good at things - and the rest doesn't matter all that much
  • How to slow down amidst the rush and haste - and smell the roses, watch the rain, or smile at a child
  • A little known secret method to make things count - by imagining that there's only little left of them
  • The provocative question to ask yourself - and answer in a way that's right for you!
  • A tiny shift in perspective that will ensure that you're always a 'winner'
  • Effective ways to deal with critics and others who pull you down - so that you can soar to your true potential
  • 5 powerful lessons an important man in my life taught me - by the way he lived!
  • 7 ways even death can be purposeful
  • A 'call to action' geared to get you off your backside - and doing what you want to- right away
  • "Simple. Brilliant. Powerful. You pack a punch into short little anecdotes that teach me so much about life. Thank you for this lovely collection of vignettes."
    Susan Boyle
  • Keen insight into what makes your role in life so vital - and how to make a difference in your world
  • How to overcome dogma and tradition to follow your heart - and the magic of what happens next
  • Amazed that the rich aren't always happy, the famous always at peace? Here's the reason why - and how to avoid the trap yourself
  • A refreshing viewpoint that will transform the way you view your life - and make every new day a magical experience
  • A kick in the pants to jolt you out of the past - and on the fast track to embracing your future
  • Reflections on what life really means- and how much it will matter many years later
  • Analyses of what makes us feel wealthy, busy and happy - with prescriptions to get you out of any mental ruts you're in
  • - and a crisp advisory for life, summarizing the most valuable messages I'd leave the world with.

    If I only had five minutes to live, this is what I'd tell my daughter!

    "WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT" is loaded with value. Take a look at it - now.

    Did you know?

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